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  • 1). Leadership & Teamwork  By : Kim Olver
    Strong, positive teamwork is defined by a leader who has a vision and the ability to inspire his or her team to work toward the realization of that vision. The leader is not threatened in the least by the expertise and diversity of his or her team. Rather, a good team leader engages his or her teammates in a discussion about what quality looks like, what is needed to perform and complete the job, and empowers the team members to always strive for quality improvement.
    article related to: leadership, teamwork, team, leader, visions, goals, skills, diversity, team members

  • 5). Speaking Well In Public Is By No Means Accidental  By : James Masterson
    You might possibly know how jokes can complement your speech. But jokes can also cause your speech to be disastrous. Jokes are both a boon and bane to a speech. If you are very much in comfort with it, use humor. Just check it first if it fits, serving as a breaker between sections or emphasizing a certain point. A funny and great line, or a comment that is irreverent can help liven up the presentation that you have and will help people to remember the things you have said.
    article related to: public speaking, speaking, speaker, speech

  • 7). Simple Leadership Basics  By : Wally Bock
    A great cloud of jargon, debate, and junk theory surrounds the idea of leadership, what it is, who does it, and how to do it well. But if you have just been promoted, and you're responsible for a group for the first time, there are only a few things you really need to know about leadership. When you get promoted and become responsible for the performance of a group you become a leader.
    article related to: leadership, mangement, supervision

  • 8). 8 Steps to Effective Christian Leadership  By : Sean Mize
    1) Probably the most important thing you can do as a Christian leader is to clean up your act---if there is anything in your life, moral or ethical, which would not stand up to scrutiny if the entire world found out---you must eliminate it immediately. Do not give anyone an occasion to think that you are a hypocrite. 2) Be sure that every decision you make is honest and ethical.
    article related to: christian leadership, christian

  • 9). Public Speaking Lessons  By : James Masterson
    The benefits of communication are evident from the least sophisticated creatures to the most advanced as in humans. Perhaps, among the creatures especially endowed with the power of communication, humans make use of them more intensely and with a purpose that each speech made has had some effect on the people who hears them. Not only do humans use communication in everyday survival but uses it for a variety of reasons.
    article related to: public speaking, speaking, speaker, speech

  • 11). A Leader Should Be Willing To Take Responsibilities  By : Ron Philipps
    Who would forget the ever-famous line of Peter Parkerís grandfather, ďWith great power comes great responsibility.Ē The society expects Spiderman, a comic book, TV, and movie superhero, to be responsible for saving his town, or even the world, in some instances, from evil because he has super powers. From all the episodes he appeared in, he never let us down.
    article related to: leadership, leadership skills

  • 12). Leadership: One Quick And Easy Thing You Can Do Right Way To Improve Your Results  By : Wally Bock
    People who want to lose weight search for a magic program that will let them lose weight without changing how they eat or whether they exercise. Late night infomercials tout systems that will turn you into a millionaire overnight. We crave magical solutions that are quick and easy and produce big results. Well, I haven't found any magic diet programs, and I never saw a get-rich-quick program that really worked, but I do know one "magic" thing you can do to improve your results as a leader.
    article related to: leadership, supervision, management

  • 13). Abe Lincoln: An Extraordinary Leader  By : Sean North
    Perhaps noted as one of the greatest United States presidents of all time, Abraham Lincolnís early life may not have reflected his potential greatness. He failed in business. He lost election to the state legislature, Speaker of the House, nomination for Congress, appointment of land officer, U.S. Senate twice and nomination for Vice President. After those eight major failures, Lincoln was elected President of the United States.
    article related to: leadership, inspirational, crisis management, management, persistence

  • 15). Attitude Determines Altitude  By : Kerri Salls
    Your attitude determines your altitude Ė in business and in life. You canít change someone elseís attitude for them. But this powerful adage is a great reminder that you can put in front of anyone who needs an attitude adjustment. I want to talk about a few of the many ways each of us can develop a winning attitude every day. Itís what leaders do. Marcus Aurelius, the great philosopher who ruled the Roman Empire, said it simply: ďOur life is what our thoughts make itĒ.
    article related to: attitude, altitude, mental attitude, positive, self-confident, leader, positive attitude

  • 19). What Kind of Leader are You?  By : Barbara White
    You are a leader if someone is following you. This could be as simple as one person watching you and following your example and encouragement, to being a leader in your home, your community, your workplace or even your nation. Leadership can take many forms, but typically it often involves managing people- one of the most difficult of all tasks. It means coordinating and motivating the actions of others to achieve a common goal.
    article related to: leadership, personality styles, leadership style, management skills, leadership skills

  • 25). Leadership Just by Being Yourself  By : Peter J Fisher
    Leadership is all about being yourself and demonstrating personal authenticity rather than learning some formula from a text book. Aspiring leaders therefore need to be true to themselves; not slavishly following otherís ideas. Role models can be powerful and it doesn't hurt to model excellence when found; executive coaching is based on this premise.
    article related to: leadership, executive coaching, leaders

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