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  • 1). Who should have a Stair lift?  By : Flemming Andersen
    By Flemming Andersen A stair lift is a great way for someone to have the freedom that they deserve. This is designed to help people that have a hard time getting up and down the stairs when they need to. It is so important for people to have their independence. When someone feels like they cannot do something on their own, it will make them feel useless and depressed.
    article related to: stair lift, stair lifts, stairlift, stairlifts

  • 2). Little Giant Ladder Review - Is it Worth Buying?  By : Lindsay Jaroch
    When you want the best in a ladder, look no further than the Little Giant Ladder. The Little Giant Ladder is the must have tool for anyone who owns a house and anyone who uses ladders in their profession. For those hard to reach areas around your house or your yard, the Little Giant and any of a number of superbly crafted accessories have been designed to bring safety, stability, ease of use and flexibility to the job.
    article related to: little giant ladder, ladders, tools

  • 5). Changing your lighting on a budget  By : Karen Hughes
    We aren’t all blessed with bucket loads of money to throw at improving our living space. Here are a few tips that can change the way you feel in your home by simply changing the lighting arrangements. Buy yourself a lamp. They’ve been around forever but when was the last time you looked at the vast range of lamps that are available today? The form of lamp that most people are familiar with is that old favourite the table lamp.
    article related to: lighting, budget, lamp, home, candle, light

  • 6). Beautiful And Functional Lighting  By : Stella Luna
    You probably already know this on some level, but the lighting you choose for your home is critical for the beauty and functionality of the space. Too often, people add the lighting as an afterthought, without much consideration for the overall effect or the need for useful illumination. The first consideration should always be for function. If your project is for an entire house, consider each space within that house - whatever areas are considered whole unto themselves.
    article related to: lighting, lamps, lights, home decor, interior decor, home decoration, decorating, home furnishings

  • 9). Werner Buying Tips For The D5920 Extension Ladder Revealed  By : Joe Wilson
    If you want to buy a Werner d5920 extension ladder the best place to find one at the right price may well be one of the auction sites, where you can pay the posted price or bid for it, and arrange for delivery all from the comfort of your own home. A Werner d5920 extension ladder can retail as high as $321 but you may find it online for a little more than $200 and this may even include free shipping.
    article related to: werner d5920 extension ladder

  • 10). How A Filterless Air Purifier Works  By : Ken Morris
    If you watch television late at night, you are probably familiar with a filterless air purifier called the Ionic Breeze. These systems have benefits and drawbacks. Lately, there has been some controversy over their safety. Some consider them to be unsafe, while others swear by the results. How a Filterless Air Purifiers Work A filterless purifier works by giving the incoming air an electrostatic charge.
    article related to: filterless air purifier, air cleaner, filterless, air purifier

  • 11). The Faucet: A Deciding Factor  By : Matthew Noel
    In the design of your new kitchen, the faucet can be one of the largest, most critical aspects of it all. In many cases, you will find that a beautiful one can be the completion of a beautiful kitchen. But how should you decide and what should you look for in the ones that you consider? If you walk into any home improvement store, you are likely to find many to choose from.
    article related to: faucets

  • 12). Accessory Checklist For Stairlifts  By : Peter Garant
    Accessories You May Purchase For Your Stairlift Product You know how cars are always adorned by all sorts of accessories, right? Men go ga-ga over the bling-blings for their wheels, almost the same way women go crazy over belts, brooches and the sorts. Well, for stairlifts, the primary purpose these accessories serve is safety and comfort and not design.
    article related to: stair lifts

  • 13). What Does An Air Purifier Do?  By : Gray Rollins
    If you’ve been blowing your nose until you resemble Rudolph and your head feels like it is about to explode from your sinus headache, you may be suffering from allergies to the pollutants in your home. Someone has probably mentioned that an air purifier will help you feel better. However, what does an air purifier do? One of the most important functions of an air purifier is its ability to remove pollutants such as cigarette smoke, dust, pollen, mold, and pet dander from the air.
    article related to: air purifiers, hepa filter, ionizer

  • 14). Choosing And Care Of Oriental Rugs  By : Mark Freeman
    Nothing says opulence for your floors quite like an oriental rug. Actually, some say the correct way to design a room is to design a room "around" an oriental rug. Generally the price of a carpet is figured out by the amount of labor and art put into the rug. When considering a rug you will want to consider the quality of the wool and the dyes used in the construction of the rug.

  • 15). Decorate Your Kitchen On A Budget  By :
    Are you bored with your kitchen? You don't need to spend thousands of dollars to give it a little face lift. Just follow these tips and you'll make big changes on a little budget. Need a colorful window treatment? Simply purchase an inexpensive basswood shade and paint it in a bright color. You can use a partially dry brush and paint randomly for an aged look.

  • 17). Patio – Attachments And Benefits  By : Sharon Albright
    A patio is an outdoor place adjoining a house, which is often used for recreation. It is usually roofless and is paved. The base of the patio is formed of layers of sand and cement. On top of this base, the concrete and stone slabs are placed. Since patio is an open space without any roof, it becomes difficult to enjoy yourself in the patio during rains and during hot temperatures.
    article related to: patio

  • 18). Thinking of building your own deck?  By : kenneth davis
    Yea right! If that were all it takes I would be building decks for a living. But with good planning and knowledge of using power tools you can do it. The most important element of building a deck or for any project is the planning, if you plan poorly or quickly your project will turn out horrible, if you take your time and plan properly you will impress yourself with the outcome.
    article related to: building a deck, thinking of building a deck

  • 19). Property Buying Guide for the First Time Buyer  By : Clare Stevens
    Buying a home? It can be an exciting—and overwhelming!—process, especially for first time buyers deluged by unfamiliar processes, big decisions, and what may often seem as too many choices. Here are 4 ways to make it easier. 1. Set a budget As a general rule, your monthly mortgage payments shouldn’t exceed 30% of your monthly gross income. However, other things have to be considered.
    article related to: home, home improvements, business, family

  • 20). How To Choose A Pot Rack For Your Kitchen  By : Flor de Luna
    Do you want to free up some kitchen cabinet space and have your pots and pans hanging from a pot rack within easy reach? And do you want to have your cookbooks, cooking oils, and your basil and thyme herbs displayed neatly on a wall mounted pot rack as well? Then the stylishly decorative and practical hanging or wall mounted pot rack might just be the storage space solution and energy saving kitchen device for you.
    article related to: pot rack, hanging pot rack, kitchen pot rack

  • 22). Natural light sources creates mood and captures the moment  By : Roger King
    Natural light sources are an important element in bringing out the best in the color scheme. If light enters through side windows, a dark ceiling will make the room look gloomy. If the light comes in at an angle it is wise to paint the floor a pale color. Here are ten household helpful hints for natural light sources: 1 Control the light using blinds and curtains, always adapting it to the needs of every moment.
    article related to: natural light sources

  • 23). The Vital Role of Acoustical Door Seals  By : Donnie Williams
    The importance of acoustical door seals is derived from a fundamental property of sound: Sound waves travel through any opening with very little loss. While the amount of air flowing through a gap increases in proportion with the size of the gap, the size of the gap in a sound barrier does not matter. A tiny hole transmits almost as much sound as a much larger gap or hole.
    article related to: door seals, acoustical door seals, soundproofing door

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