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  • 4). Answering Machines: Whatever Happened To Them ?  By : Andrew James
    I remember back when the answering machine was a relatively new invention. My parents thought that it was the most amazing contraption that they had seen in years. Our answering machine was large and it had a large cassette tape in it that recorded incoming messages and another large cassette tape that played the outgoing messages
    article related to: answering, machines, cassette, tape

  • 10). Are You At Risk of Losing All Your Data?  By : Joseph Then
    Have you ever imagined the day when you have spent 4 hours on an important report, only to discover that you have run out of battery and all your work is gone? Don’t you wish you have a back up battery somewhere?
    article related to: batteries

  • 16). Metal Detectors to Get That Rare Find  By : Jessica Deets
    Metal detectors electronic devices and are used to locate signs of metal. It is used to search on the ground, people or goods. The materials can be on the ground may be a piece of iron, aluminum, etc or it can even indicate buried metal could be anything from discarded pieces of aluminum to buried resources. These detectors can penetrate various non-metallic substances like soil, wood, sand, etc.
    article related to: metal detector

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