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  • 127). ESL Jobs FAQ  By : Josef Essberger
    Are there really any ESL jobs for me? Yes, there are. Rightly or wrongly, the whole world wants to learn English. People everywhere, especially young people, are convinced that speaking good English is their passport to a successful career. What is more, they are being encouraged in this by many governments. Worldwide, there are many more ESL jobs than there are native-speaking EFL teachers to fill them (though it should not be forgotten that English is also taught by perfectly competent non-native teachers).
    article related to: esl jobs, esl, jobs, tefl jobs, tefl, employment, teach, english, teaching

  • 129). Employee Rewards – A Simple Thank You  By : Lisa Cieslica
    Written by Phoenix Human Resources Outsourcing Professionals Companies struggle with ways to keep the workforce motivated and productive. Properly rewarding employees is a fine line between a gloomy workplace and overkill. The struggle comes when employers search for the best way to reward an employee. Pay, Benefits, Perks, just to name a few of the options kicked around by managers when working to determine employee rewards.
    article related to: employee, rewards, a, simple, thank, you, phoenix, human, resources, outsourcing

  • 133). Chemical Engineering - A Convincing Argument  By : Loreno Lepe
    Professor: So...You are interested in studying Chemical Engineering? Student: Mmmm. Dunno, all that pollution and stuff is pretty bad. Professor: You think the industry is the source of most pollution then? Student: Obviously. Professor: You have done research into this? Student: Hummph. No need to, everyone knows that is true. Professor: Really? My research tells me differently.
    article related to: chemical engineer, engineering, chemical, chemistry

  • 140). Pros And Cons Of Becoming A Nurse  By : Kadence Buchanan
    The truth is that if you are considering a career in the nursing field, this should be a decision based on conscious consideration of a variety of factors. First, you should know that nursing is not for everyone. You must be prepared to work hard. Nursing is both physically and emotionally challenging and draining. Actually, with the exception of a few areas, nurses provide care to those in need, almost around the clock 24 hours 7 days a week.
    article related to: nurse, nursing career, nursing profession, community support agents

  • 146). Resume Updating Time  By : Matthew C. Keegan
    Do you feel as if you are in a R.U.T.? No, I don't mean that you are stuck in a ditch somewhere, rather is it Resume Updating Time? If you haven't updated your resume once over the past year, now is a good time to take a fresh look at your copy. Beginning with the header, is all of your information correct? How many times have I seen an old cell number or former email address listed? Plenty! You want someone to contact you, don't you? Make sure your contact information is up to date.
    article related to: resumes, curriculum vitae, cover letters, career, job search, work history, employment

  • 147). How to Create a Nice Working Atmosphere  By : Chris Wells
    After all years of studies you successfully found your dream job and here you are, sitting in your office, doing research and having fun communicating with colleagues. Everything is quite well and you are quite satisfied with everything, but suddenly everything changes and you feel like the atmosphere you saw is a pretty illusion. What is the reason? You become stresses out, feel exhausted, and suspect everybody to dig under you.
    article related to: reports, trainings

  • 149). Want To Be A Nurse?  By : Joseph Then
    When you think of the nursing field you may think that the nurse is going to be a woman. That is not true in the world now days. There are more and more men becoming nurses in the world today and it is very common to see them in your nearest hospital.
    article related to: nursing, nurse

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