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  • 76). Transcription - Making Your Life Easier  By : Robert Thatcher
    When it was first used and aired over the radio, the word transcription drew large attention and become the gist of the public’s conversation. Newspapers also have many data about and everybody who can read it become interested in getting into it. Being a transcriptionist, working on transcriptions offers a different kind of job opportunity. It is a task that you can get fond of, aside from that you will also be earning more money as compared to other jobs.
    article related to: transcription

  • 80). Nursing the Noble Vocation  By : Cheryl Dyler
    If you are thinking of going to nursing school or getting a nursing degree, you may already know that choosing a school is not always an easy task. If you are looking to become a Registered Nurse, a Nurse Midwife, a forensic nurse or a legal nurse consultant there are colleges that you can enroll in to get your program. You will need a combination of both practical experience and theory qualification to finish your course.
    article related to: nursing, nurses, nursing career, nusring job, nusing jobs, nursing degree, career, careers, jobs

  • 81). CeMAP Mock Exam Papers on eBay  By : Joe Kocsis
    If you are considering buying old advertised CeMAP mock exam papers on eBay, beware! This could be a severe waste of your money! You should be aware that the Institute of Financial Services (ifs) often changes the Certificate of Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP) course content on a yearly basis and sometimes twice a year. Changes have recently been made from 1st September 2006 and as a consequence anyone buying old CeMAP mock exam papers can be wasting their money, as they are most probably out of date.
    article related to: cemap, mock, exam, papers, training, courses, mortgage, adviser, become, broker

  • 87). Ten Tips To Negotiate Successfully  By : Jonny Goldmann
    Negotiations happen in our daily lives. We might not be aware of it, but many situations require good negotiation skills, including the simple act of buying an item from a store, talking things over to save a relationship, and trade agreement between nations, among others. It would be worthwhile to consider the factors that may spell success or failure in the negotiating table: 1.
    article related to: negotiate, negotiation

  • 89). Training for Careers in Nursing  By : Angela Oliver
    Here is a look at some of the available careers in the field of nursing and the training and examination requirements for different positions. Nurses enjoy many different types of job opportunities in different areas of medicine. Available Careers. For those who have an interest in the medical field, nursing is a great career option. There are many careers available in nursing at all levels of skill and education.
    article related to: nursing school, rn, cna, lpn, crna, np, bsn, asn, accrediation, training, education, nclex

  • 90). Older Teachers  By : Brenda Townsend Hall
    I met a retired engineer the other day and she told me she was half way through a TEFL training course. She wanted to know what I thought her chances were of finding a teaching job when she has completed the course. Well, I can't disguise the fact that there is a lot of age prejudice in the world of ELT. I think all sorts of reasons combine to make this a profession dominated by young teachers.
    article related to: teach english, teaching english, teaching english overseas, esl jobs, esl, tefl, tesol

  • 92). Do You Need New Nursing Uniforms?  By : George Royal
    Many hospitals and doctors offices are purchasing new and improved nursing uniforms. The old and plain nursing uniforms are not making an impression anymore, more and more places are recognizing that nice and friendly nursing uniforms go a long way towards putting the public at ease People like to be able to relate to their hospital staff anf to do that the nurses need to be wearing attractive and friendly nursing uniforms.
    article related to: uniforms, nursing, medical, scrubs

  • 93). Rid Boredom from Your Career  By : Sandra Stammberger
    Is your career boring? Almost every will answer with a resounding “yes” to this question. They’re justified, though. You wake up at the same time, drive to the same place, and work with the same people on the same thing and countdown the days until the weekend. It’s routine and routine is boring because it’s the same.

  • 94). Prince Henry Sinclair  By : Robert Bruce Baird
    Just this year (2001) the Sons of Norway and the Norumbega Lodge (Norumbega was the name of eastern Canada during the Norse voyages, but when they fi

  • 100). Eye of Horus  By : Dr. Sherin Elkhawaga
    Horus, represented as the falcon-headed god, was an important god in Egyptian legend. The symbol representing his eye, Eye of Horus, was a powerful sy

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