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Articles in: Home / Culture and Society / Books

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  • 1). Publish your own book  By : David Amerland
    The turning point of the 21st century will be remembered for a paradigm shift that, briefly, made a multi-billion pound industry quake with uncertainty of its future. The industry in question is the publishing industry and the event that made its blood run cold was the official advent of eBooks. As a notion electronic text as a download to be read on PCs and laptops and maybe some kind of reader had been around for some time.
    article related to: ebook, book, publishing, digital book

  • 6). Tips on Getting People to Read - Again  By : Daegan Smith
    With TV, music, video games, and the Internet, it is no wonder why less and less people find time to read. More often than not, reading comes as a chore and the pleasures people once took in sitting down with a good book or article have all but been lost on most.
    article related to: reading, self help

  • 17). Tempering the Cost of College Books  By : Joe Bella
    One of the most demanding investments we make in our college years is in college books. When I was in school, both in undergraduate and graduate school, though I was an English Lit major, my books were from 100 to 500 dollars a semester.
    article related to: book resources

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