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1). Is Trading E-Currency a Legitimate Business?
When I first came across the e-currency trading business on the advice of a friend, I didn't take the opportunity very seriously. It appeared to be just another "hyped up money making scheme." From what my friend was telling me it seemed too good to be true. However, being naturally curious and with a deep desire to profit from the internet, I decided to do some research on my own.

2). The New World Currency
The New World Currency
Do you ever consider the possibility that the money you work so hard for could be gone from your pocketbook in the next few years?
Quicker then you might think, currency as we know it, is changing. Necessity for efficiency is transforming the flow of cash into a digital form.
The use of e-currency is quickly spreading throughout the world.

3). Don't be a victim of Cybercrime
When you access the Internet through the world wide web it is extremely important that you safe guard your personal information.

There are literally thousands of people around the world that make a living exploiting the security loop holes by accessing your personal identity, passwords and bank accounts.

There are many more daily who are the victims of these crimes.

4). The Function of Money and its Future
Originally exchange took place without the use of money, by barter. Long before money had come into the commercial world people exchanged goods for goods. This system of barter made it possible to satisfy many wants that would otherwise have gone unsatisfied. Barter raised the standard of living, but under such a system the exchange of goods was greatly hampered.

5). Are you ready to make 2006 your best year ever?
I was thinking about my New Year’s resolution today. Out of curiosity I decided to do a little research to see just how many resolutions are actually kept.

I found that 50% of resolutions are broken within the first two weeks. I went on to discover that by the end of January a full 95% of resolutions are abandoned.

Only 5% of New Years resolutions are kept beyond January.



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