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1). An Interview With An Avon Representative
Avon has many thousands of representatives around the world selling its cosmetics. Most of the 'Avon ladies' (and many men!) sell in their spare-time, although there is now an increasing number who work at their business full time.

We have interviewed several Avon representatives to find out how they have built up their Avon business. Their experiences may help you to decide whether you would benefit from joining an Avon team.

2). Curing Floating Scale Problems In Your Hot Tub

Scale floating in your hot tub can be a frustrating problem to solve. Scale builds in the pipes and then slowly breaks apart and comes out your j

3). Chickenpox
Chickenpox is one of the 'classic' childhood diseases. Most children will catch it sooner or later.

Chickenpox is an airborne disease and is very contagious. The symptoms are:

- general mild flu like symptoms (headache, fever, tummy ache, and loss of appetite);

- followed a day or two later by hundreds of itchy, fluid filled blisters.

Once you have had chickenpox the virus is with you for life but kept in check by your immune system.

4). A Baby Is Born With Several Reflexes
A Baby's Reflexes..A baby is born with certain reflexes to protect them during the first few weeks. These reflexes will disappear after

5). Mumps
The MMR vaccination should protect your child against mumps. However, some people still have doubts about the vaccination so this article may help you to decide whether your child should be vaccinated.

Most cases of mumps are in children aged from 5 to 14, although cases in young adults are on the increase.

The most common symptoms are:

- A high fever, with temperature peaking at around 103F/39.

6). Buying Used Dell Laptops, PC's and Servers on eBay - How
Two years ago I needed a way to refresh more PC's and Laptops at my company without spending more. New Dell laptops were great but expensive an

7). The Origins of Mother's Day
Today Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday is celebrated all over the world. For florists and card shops the event is one of the highlights of the year, but the roots of Mother’s Day are not commercial.

Motherhood has been celebrated since ancient times. The ancient Greeks paid homage to Rhea, the Mother of Gods; and there are records of the ancient Romans worshiping a mother Goddess known as Cybele as early as 260 BC.

8). Should You Fight A Fever?
Most people would worry if their temperature, or the temperature of their child or other loved one, was to rise by more than a couple of degrees and they would probably act to try to reduce the temperature to nearer the normal 37C/98.6F. Surprisingly, this is not necessarily the best course of action.

Prior to the development of antibiotics and vaccines, fever struck fear into populations and caused many deaths.

9). Tips To Help Pregnant Women Reduce Morning Sickness.
The dreaded 'morning sickness', extreme nausea and vomiting, will affect around 90% of pregnant women. Just why women have to go through this is not known, but there are some things you can do to minimise this unpleasant part of pregnancy.

1. Ask your medical advisor whether you can take vitamin B6. A dose of approximately 100 mg per day has been shown to reduce the feeling of nausea.

10). Use Geothermal Heat To Save Money On Your Household Heating Bills
We are all looking for the cheapest electricity and natural gas prices, after all the less we spend on our fuel bills the more we have left over for the pleasures in life. So how attractive would it be to heat your home for free? It is possible by using geothermal energy.

The Queen of England is planning to cut energy bills at Buckingham Palace for centuries to come by creating an underground network to extract heat from the earth’s natural warmth.

11). The Chinese Year of the Tiger
If you were born under the Chinese sign of the Tiger, it doesn't pay to argue with you! Tigers are usually larger than life, warm-hearted extrovert

12). Should the Dad Attend the Birth of His Baby?
Not so long ago a dad-to-be would pace up and down outside the labor room and would be admitted only after the birth. Modern practice is to assume the dad-to-be should be at the birth to offer support. But an increasing number of dads, moms and midwives would prefer he stayed outside.

Some of the reasons given are:
• Some moms feel the loss of dignity and 'not feeling attractive' is sufficient reason to banish their partners to the corridor.

13). Alzheimer's Disease - A Carer's Guide
There are various definitions of Alzheimer ’s disease including:

- “The slow onset of memory loss leading to a gradual progression to a loss of judgement and changes in behaviour and temperament.”
- “A living death”
- “The global impairment of higher functions, including memory, the capacity to solve problems of day to day living, the performance of learned percepto-motor skills (for example tasks like washing, dressing and eating), and the control of emotional reactions in the absence of gross clouding of consciousness.

14). Increase Your Chances Of Having A Baby
When you have decided you want a baby, get your body ready:
* Take folic acid in supplement form, 400mcg a day, or it can be found in some foods like cornflakes. * Cut down on your caffeine intake. * If you've come off the pill, there's some dispute about how long you should wait before trying to conceive, but it's probably best to wait 2-3 months.

15). Getting Started In Information Technology Computer Consultin

One of the best things about being in the Information Technology industry is consulting. For purposes of this article I'm using the term consulti

16). Weaning A Baby

The best time to wean your baby onto solid food is at about age 6 months. This is because your baby's mouth will start to change around that

17). Having Problems Conceiving? Try a detox.
If you're having trouble conceiving your body may need a detox.

The key to fertility is getting the body into its natural op

18). Popular baby Names in the UK in 2005
Although its popularity is declining, Jack is the most popular boys name again in England and Wales - that's 11 years at the top! However, 14% fewer boys were christened Jack last year, so we could see a change at the top in 2006. In Northern Ireland, Jack was again top and Lewis retained top spot in Scotland, with Jack the runner-up.

Jessica was the most popular girls' name in England and Wales having moved up from third in 2004.

19). Running Your own Business - The Options
Very few people ever got rich by working for someone else. Leaving aside pop musicians, sportsmen and similarly gifted people, the only way to acquire wealth by work is to build a business of your own. The type of business you decide upon will depend on: a) how much money you have available as start-up capital and working capital; b) your business idea; and c) your confidence level.

20). Potty Training Your Baby From Age 3 Weeks
A new mom will quickly learn when baby is telling her that he is tired or hungry. Baby will also tell you when he is about to soil his diaper - or 'eliminate' in the jargon. The signs are usually a grunting and moving into a certain position. My son used to get this far away look on his face and he would be very noisy so that everyone around him knew.

21). Use Solar Heating To Reduce Your Household Heating Costs
We would all like cheaper electricity and gas bills. Most of us shop around for the provider with the lowest electricity, gas or oil prices and leave it at that, but there are other ways to warm your house. Not only could you save money in the long term by reducing your household fuel bills, but you can also do so in a more environmentally friendly way and, in today's world of global warming which produces extreme weather conditions, that is a major factor for many people.



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