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1). Remodeling Can Be A Very Costly Mistake A New Florida Home Is Cheaper
Building a new Florida home saves you the hassle and expense of remodeling. One thing that all Florida home buyers should consider is that building a new home can save you a lot of money and hassle when it comes to expensive and messy remodeling projects.

2). Why Your Florida Home Should Be A Poured Solid Concrete Home
There are advantage of buying or building a concrete home, there are many other benefits to building with concrete, and especially steel reinforced, poured concrete, that the average Florida home buyer may not be aware of. Solid concrete home are able to withstand hurricane and tornado force winds, are resistant to heat, fire, water damage, wood rot and insect infestation.

3). Choosing The Right Florida Home Builder To Build Your Florida Home
The options a Florida home buyer has when it comes to choosing a home builder. Different types of newly constructed homes, tips on how to find a high quality home builder, and ways of saving money by finding the right builder at the right time of year are all discussed.

4). A Custom Florida Home Is More Affordable Than You Think
Florida Home buyers assume that the term “high-quality custom home” is synonymous with “expensive home”. Not necessarily true, a Florida custom home gives one the luxury that is much more affordable that commonly thought.

5). 4 Things To Consider When Buying A New Home In Florida
Examines the benefits of building a new home in Florida rather than purchasing an older existing home. Potential remodeling and repair costs that may come with an existing home are discussed, as well as the benefits and potential savings that building a new home can provide.

6). Florida Home Builders And The Florida Home Buyer: A Win-Win Situation
Article examines the role of the Florida home builder on Florida’s economy, the changing real estate market and how it favors the Florida home buyer, and what Florida home builders are doing to attract new buyers.

7). How To Choose Your Home Builder
7 steps to use when building a new home and what to look for in a home builder.

8). 7 Reasons To Choose Palm Coast Florida To Build Your New Home
Numerous benefits of residing in Palm Coast, Florida, with the intention of educating today’s Florida home buyer on the numerous advantages of purchasing or building a home in this area. Climate, sports and recreation, proximity to amenities and surrounding cities, outdoor activities and natural beauty are all featured as advantages to living in this small Florida city.

9). 7 Reasons To Check Out Your Real Estate Agent Before Hiring Them
Qualities of good, reputable Florida realtors, and why it is advisable for the Florida home buyer to shop carefully before choosing a realtor. Areas of focus include trustworthiness, willingness to answer any and all questions, ability to communicate, sensitivity to the buyer’s needs, and willingness to supply references.

10). The Florida Real Estate Market: On The Bubble Or Buyer’s Dream?
Article examines current Florida real estate market conditions and how they affect both Florida home buyers and sellers. Focus is on lower prices, interest rates, creative finance options, home buying trends, and the emerging international market for Florida real estate.

11). Are Tract Houses The Right Option For Today’s Florida Real Estate Buyer?
7 reason a tract houses are out and custom homes are in when it come to purchasing Florida real estate!

12). Finding The Right Loan Officer Before Buying A New Florida Home
4 things you must have in a loan officer before you purchase Florida real estate.

13). Get Customized Luxury, Build A High-Quality Florida Custom Home
Some homebuilder make all of the decorating choices for the home buyer, these builders are able to increase their profits by purchasing their materials in bulk. If you are looking for more choices, more features, and more luxury, a high-quality custom home is the way to go.

14). Understanding Florida Real Estate Taxes
Florida real estate taxes which must be paid by Florida home buyers, both at the time of close, and on an annual basis. Taxes due at closing, such as mortgage taxes and document stamp taxes, are discussed, as well as annual property taxes. Tax exemptions available to Florida home owners are also discussed.

15). Buying A New Home In Palm Coast, Florida
Discover 6 tips on purchasing a Florida home, and the potential pitfalls of an existing (re-sale) home purchase.

16). Financially Preparing To Buy A Home
Article discusses important financial preparations a home buyer can make in order to ensure a positive home buying experience. Topics include credit scores, debt-to-income ratio, choosing a lender, and the importance of obtaining pre-approval from the lender of choice.

17). Don’t Buy A Home That Someone Else Decorated – Build A New Home
The importance of décor choices when selecting a Florida home builder. The correlation between custom home builders, who offer their customers a wide variety of decorating options, and use of high-quality materials when constructing a new home is examined.

18). DeLand A Great Place To Buy Real Estate
Article details the benefits of living in DeLand, Florida. Topics include community events, town history, academia, recreation and available amenities. Article also discusses the availability of recreational activities and amenities in surrounding cities.

19). Closing Your New Florida Home Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful
Ways that the Florida home buyer can prepare for closing on their new home. Focus is on preparation for financing, necessary documentation and insurance, as well as reasons the home buyer should stay informed throughout the closing process.

20). Florida Home Builders Are They All The Same
Different types of Florida home builders. Topics covered include tract vs. custom home builders, types of construction and construction materials, above-code hurricane construction, and the benefits of research when looking for a Florida home builder.

21). Inground Swimming Pools Improve Your Real Estate Value
Increase your Real Estate Value and enjoy the benefits of a concrete Inground swimming pool as compared to vinyl and fiberglass swimming pools. Topics discussed include durability, price, design options, and climate considerations.

22). Why Should You Build A New Home In Daytona Beach?
Relocating to Florida here is 6 reasons why you should build a new home rather than buying an existing home and why Daytona Beach, Florida is your first and best choice in towns.

23). Avoid Costly Hassles Of A Re-sale: Build A Custom Florida Home
The extra cost associated with a Florida resale home or remodeling a home could be very costly, sums running into the thousands of dollars. Building a new custom home could actually cost you less money.

24). Get 20% More For Your Real Estate
The importance of landscaping in today’s competitive Florida real estate market, both for the Florida home seller and the Florida home buyer. Topics include study results on the value of homes on treed lots vs. homes on barren lots. Also, quality of landscaping items and the effects on home value are discussed

25). Protecting Your Florida Real Estate During a Hurricane
Many ways Florida home owners can protect themselves and their homes during the Atlantic hurricane season. The importance of hurricane protection is emphasized, as well as above-code housing options for Florida home buyers in the current housing market.

26). Give Your Real Estate A Little Something Extra With An In-Ground Pool
Article examines the benefits of a fiberglass in-ground Swimming pool when you purchase real estate as compared to vinyl and concrete pools. Topics discussed include durability, price, design options, and climate considerations.

27). Larger Return On Your Investment When You Build A New Florida Home
The differences in profit potential between brand-new homes and existing homes. Sale price negotiations, repair cost potential and home resale value are discussed.

28). How To Eliminate The Stress Of Closing On A New Florida Home
7 guaranteed ways to eliminate the stress of closing on your new Florida home.

29). Choosing The Right Home Builder
Choosing a home builder when purchasing a newly constructed home. Discussion includes: tract homes vs. custom homes, additional safety features including additional protection from hurricanes, custom decor options, and narrowing the search.

30). First Time Home Buyer Tips for the Florida Real Estate Buyer
Article offers tips for the first time real estate buyers, including information about preparation, financing, first time home buyer incentives, and whether to obtain the services of a Realtor.

31). Discover The Joy Of Building A New Custom Florida Home
Decorating your new custom built Florida home. The flexibility of colors; The kitchen you have always dreamed of; Bring it all together with flooring.

32). Real Estate - Things To Remember When Purchasing A New Home
In-depth discussion of issues for the new home buyer to consider before making their home purchase in order to increase their odds of obtaining the right home at a price they can afford. Topics include making a wish list of home features, preparing financially for a new home purchase, whether or not to obtain a Realtor, and the importance of the inspection process.



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