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1). Pitfalls to avoid as a Newbie in Internet Marketing – Part I - Budget
Do you know how to allocate TIME and MONEY to your new Internet Marketing venture?

2). Pitfalls to avoid as a Newbie – Managing Yourself: Grouping
I found it incredibly difficult to remember which programs and activities ‘go together’ – especially if I have not been working with them for a week or so. It would take me a half hour or so to fiddle around and eventually identify all of the bits and pieces that I need to have open to do the job for that day. Once again - time wasted and frustration levels raised.

3). Pitfalls for Newbie– Programs and Products to Match your GOAL
Looking back over the last few months, it has become abundantly clear that I have ‘blown’ money unnecessarily. Hind-sight is after all 20-20! The main reason this happened is the planning I did at the outset was flawed – I did the planning, but being a ‘newbie’, I did not have all the facts or best practices to hand.

4). Pitfalls to Avoid as a Newbie in Internet Marketing – Managing Yourself: Tools
I would like to share some ideas on the basic tools or bits of software that will help you to be more organised and efficient.

5). Bonsai - The Journey East To West
Since its beginnings in China, during the Han Dynasty over two thousand years ago, the art of growing miniature trees in containers, bonsai, has had an interesting history. Initially, penjing – as it is called in China, was considered too spiritual for the common folk and only nobles were permitted to own one. During the 14th century, the Chinese invaded Japan and brought with them many aspects of Chinese culture, including religion, calligraphy and penjing.

6). Pitfalls to avoid as a Newbie in Internet Marketing – Information Overload
One of the main negatives when you are starting out – in fact it carries on even afterwards – is the total attack on your senses with information. You never thought that there could be so much out there that could possibly make you money – and I bet you never thought there were so many experts in one place!

7). Pitfalls of a Newbie - What about RSS feeds?
Just how easy is it to publish and maintain RSS feeds to your e-mail newsletter or the articles on your site? Relatively easy -- at least that's what I'm saying now.

8). Pitfalls to avoid as a Newbie– The Benefits of Downtime.
Here is a novel idea – stop being BUSY with your Internet Business, yes, give it a break.
OK, so you think this is another strange scam or hype note, wrong!

9). Pitfalls to Avoid as a Newbie in Internet Marketing – Managing Yourself: Email
The problem of having your life in chaos trying to keep track of all that you are trying to accomplish.

10). Pitfalls to Avoid as a Newbie– What Do You Want For a Buck?
A strange headline? Not really, think about why you started on a specific affiliate program or Internet marketing site….



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