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1). Why Whey Protein?
With all of the recent negative press given to body supplements, it makes good sense to be cautions about using different nutritional supplements as a part of your body building efforts.

Whey protein has been lauded as a safe, natural and simple supplement. It's use has become popular for those genuinely interested in good health through physical fitness and body building.

2). Best Burger Restaurant in Plano Texas
A comparison of Local Plano Burger Restaurants, discussing what makes a good burger. A look at four local offerings and how they compare to one another.

3). Low Flow Toilets... A Love, Hate Relationship
This will come as no surprise, but were you aware that most owners of new homes are unhappy with their low-flow toilets?

Since 1992, when the U.S. government mandated the low-flows, we Americans have been subjected to considerably less flushing power...about half the water per flush than the old fashioned type. The newer units use about one and a half gallons of water versus the older ones that use about three and a half.

4). Flirt Poles and Pit Bulls
The flirt pole provides an inexpensive way to both exercise and train your dog. You will notice that use of the flirt pole will increase your dogs agility and coordination.

5). Putting A Price On That Collectible
How do you really know that that great item you just found at the neighborhood garage sale is the real deal? In other words, is it really a collectible item or someone else's discarded piece of junk?

What's its condition? Does it look new or used? Clean or dirty? Scratched, torn soiled, or nice, new and pristine? Did your new doll, train or other unique item come with the box or without?

Here's an idea for establishing its heritage: look carefully for any brand names, place of manufacture, trade or any other type of mark.

6). The New Era In Movie Rentals
I recall many years ago when people were saying that movies were a thing of the past, that people would be entertained with the internet and video games. Well, not so! In fact, the movie business (including movie rental) is big business and it's not likely to go away anytime soon.

Let's take a look at the two "500 pound guerillas" in the movie rental business: Netflix and Blockbuster.

7). Pit Bulls - A Short History
A Short History About the Breed Known as the American Pit Bull Terrier or the Pit Bull.

8). Bavarian Grill a Local Plano Favorite?
Bavarian Grill is located in the North West corner of 75 and Parker Road. Offering a authentic German menu with live music.

9). The Great, Wide Wonderland Of Snow And Skiing
You've made up your mind. You've resolved (maybe again) to get more exercise. All that's left is deciding what to choose. What if you wanted something you can do either indoors or outdoors, in any season, at nearly any time, and provides an all-over "workout" without feeling like you've done any work?

Think a minute: This easily describes several of the different types of the surprisingly varied world of snow skiing.

10). Practicing The Guitar - Are You Kidding Yourself?
Practicing the guitar is no different than doing anything else to improve other aspects of you life. For example, if you're an athlete do you improve your endurance by driving you car? No, you do it by running or some other form of exercise that builds muscle and cardio vascular endurance.

So it is with the guitar. Be sure that when you sit down to practice that you practice.

11). Pit Bulls - Simple Training Technique
Training is required to keep a dog, especially if its a pit bull. The following article shares some simple techniques that all owners can use to positively reinforce behavior in their Pit Bull.

12). How to Exercise a Pit Bull
All active dog breeds need plenty of exercise. Not just to keep them healthy, but also to keep them tired, as the old saying goes "A Tired Pit Bull is a Good Pit Bull".

13). With Lack of Online Reviews, How I am Going About Finding Local Plano Restaurants
This is a question I have found myself asking quite a bit recently. Having recently moved into the area, and in search of something "not manufactured", I have found it hard to find true authentic restaurants in Plano Texas.

14). Pit Bulls and Socialization
It is important that owners of all breeds properly socialize there dogs. Pit Bulls are no exception. With out proper socialization any dog will have problems later in life.



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