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1). Keep the Clogs Out of Your Kitchen Sinks
One day last week my kitchen sink got clogged, while frustrating I didn't think it was going to be a big deal.

I just grabbed the Liquid Plumber I had bought for just such an occasion, and then presto. Nothing.

So we head off to Wal-Mart, my daughter in her jammies since she was just about to go to bed. I found the Draino, my daughter suggested to get two just in case and after the Liquid Plumber hadn't worked I though maybe I better.

2). Crafting Ideas for Children - Keep it Simple
Kids love to do craft projects, there is no doubt about it. But I think children, especially younger children like to have their projects less structured. I totally think this is true because they can be more creative and have more fun that way.

Don't get me wrong, I come up with craft ideas for my daughter and we have a lot of fun with them, but she seems to have more fun creating her own craft ideas.

3). Don't Forget To Plan Some Baby Shower Games When You Plan Or Host A Baby Shower
Sometimes baby showers are hosted before the baby is born and sometimes after. Either way most baby showers have at least one thing in common, baby shower games.

When you host a baby shower it is fun to have games to play as entertainment as well as to break the ice. You may have guests that don't know each other as well as several different age generations in attendance.

4). How much water does a lawn really need?
Well, while your soil type, the amount of sunshine, and the climate all come into play, a good rule of thumb is 1 to 1 1/2 inches a week.

What is most important is HOW you water. You want to water deeply and infrequently to have a healthy deep rooted grass lawn.

Let's say you decide on 1 1/2 inches a week. You can do it in 2 doses or one, but don't do just a little each day.

5). Plastic Laminate Countertops Explained
The most popular material used by far when it comes to kitchen countertops is plastic laminate. Some people may even call it Formica, but that is a brand name just like WilsonArt is.

The reason they are so popular is that they are easy to install, easy to clean and maintain, very inexpensive, and come in a huge range of textures, patterns, and colors.

6). Tips for feeding your lawn nitrogen
Nitrogen is vital to your lawn and is one of the most popular fertilizers. You need nitrogen because chlorophyll depends on it as do other proteins and amino acids. These in turn are what makes your lawn green and causes it to grow well.

Some things to look for to see if your grass has a nitrogen deficiency are; if it turns yellow despite watering, the grass doesn't grow quickly, diseases are present in your lawn, or if the grass turf starts getting thinner.

7). Kitchen Countertops - An Overview
Countertops can influence the total design of your kitchen. One of the most common reasons home owners remodel their kitchen is due to lack of usable counter space.

When you are remodeling your kitchen a new countertop gives the whole room a facelift. There are several types of kitchen countertops you can choose from.

1. Laminate Countertops - Some good things about laminate countertops are you can install them yourself, they are inexpensive, they are low maintenance, and you can find them in all kinds of colors.

8). Why is It I Can Never Think Of Anything "Good" To Make For Supper?
Okay, now I need to ask do you find yourself making the same meals over and over and over? It seems like I get in a rut and fix the same foods on a rotating scale. Granted I have picky eaters in my family but not that picky.

I decided to do something about it. After reflecting on it for awhile I discovered the biggest problem with cooking supper was deciding what to make so I got out a notebook and started writing down meal ideas complete with side dishes.

9). Parenting Tips On Getting Your Child To Take Medicine They Hate
As a parent you hate it when your kids are sick. We want them to get better as quick as possible, and of course usually the quickest way is with antibiotics or medicine of some kind.

Where the problem comes in is when your child does not like their medicine and does not want to take it. While you of course will give your child what the doctor prescribes but don't be afraid to ask about the taste and if you have a child that struggles to take a certain kind of medicine see if their is an alternative.

10). Yahtzee - an Educational Game?
Education can be "hidden" in a lot of toys and games. When you think of educational toys and games for your children don't overlook some of the obvious ones.

Today we will talk about Yahtzee, most say it is all in the luck of the roll. That maybe true but there is some logic involved as well. Do you use four ones for your four of a kind or do you try for sixes instead.

11). Pamper Yourself - You Deserve It
Everyone, including busy moms, need to take some time to pamper themselves every now and again. After all you need to take care of yourself in order to be able to take care of others.

Have a mom's lunch out once in awhile. Get together with friends and relax while dining. If babysitters or money is in short supply take turns hosting the mom's lunch and maybe some older siblings can help keep an eye on the little ones.

12). Keep Some Quick Meal Ingredients Handy For When Time Is Short.
All right I admit I don't always like to cook, especially when time is short and we have run behind because of what seems like endless errands and such. While it would be much easier to just run through a drive thru on occasions like this, I hate doing that especially when it comes to supper.

What I have done is to keep on hand the ingredients for 3 or 4 meals that I can "whip up" in a short amount of time, without having to run to the grocery store.

13). How NOT to Groom Your Dog
We have a wonderful gentle natured dog that I adopted about 8 years ago. Unfortunately she was a bit neglected and was very timid when I brought her home. She had previously belonged to someone who lived nearby and I had spent the last few months making sure she had food and fresh water so we were already well acquainted.

Meisha is her name and I would say she is a cross between a collie and a husky.

14). Keep Your Dog In Your Yard
People keep your dogs in your yard, you need a fence, a chain, or a leash. Your dog running loose is an accident waiting to happen and it may not be your dog that gets hurt, it could easily be a child. Plus if your dog gets hit by a car I will feel bad, I also don't want my daughter to see it.

We have a very friendly dog, most people do, but when a strange dog who also might be friendly comes up things can go wrong.

15). Tips For Setting Up Your Above Ground Pool
Don't we wish these pools would have been on the market when we were kids! These pools put the plastic pools from my childhood to shame.

But there IS a little more to setting them up then tossing in the hose. Just follow your pools directions, but keep these tips in mind too.

1. Put down a layer of level sand under your tarp or ground cloth to make it more stable and resistant to tears.

16). Are You In Control Of Your Children Or Are You Just A Controlling Parent?
When it comes to our children we do need to be the ones in control. We are responsible for their safety and well being of course. But we are also the ones that need to teach them independence, good decision making skills, and build their self esteem at the same time. Learn to pick your battles and your whole family will run smoother and everyone will be much happier.

17). How Mothers Can And Should Really Enjoy A Hot Bubble Bath
Okay I admit it I love to take hot relaxing bubble baths. Nothing beats soaking in a tub and reading a good book at the same time. I usually skip the glass of wine, I am much more apt to have a glass of diet coke instead.

Before motherhood I would often take my luxurious soak in the evenings. But as all good mother's know, if the kids are home there is no real relaxing.

18). Planning A Vacation With Small Children So That Everyone Has Fun.
When you are going on a trip to get away from it all and you have a younger child you need to look at it from their point of view.

Often preschool age children won't remember a lot about the vacation as they get older, and that is okay they live in the moment and we want to make those moments as happy as possible.

A couple years back I took my daughter on a trip to the mountains, we took in a lot of fun things and she had a great time.

19). Bathroom Design Ideas The Average Mom Would Like To See In Their Own Bathrooms
Attention to all you bathroom design specialists. If you really want to please all the moms when it comes to their bathrooms then get busy designing and marketing these wonderful ideas. As mom's we don't ask for a lot but a few of these suggestions could go a long way in keeping our happy families happy!!

Okay when it comes to mirrors I don't see why they can't make them tooth paste repellent.

20). Colorado Springs, a Truly Wonderful Travel Destination
Well I decided to write about the great state of Colorado and how much fun vacationing is there. But there are so many great places to go in Colorado it was tough to narrow down one area to visit. But eventually I decided on the Colorado Springs area.

Colorado Springs and it's surrounding area has so much to offer and of course the beauty of the mountains makes you want to visit again and again.

21). Check Your Bank Statements Every Month, If You Don't You May Be Losing Money In Unexpected Ways.
Awhile back I got the dreaded letter from the bank saying you are overdrawn. I couldn't believe it, I wondered what the heck did I do?

Then I opened it up and I was overdrawn by over a thousand dollars and I was real concerned.

I called the bank and they told me the $3000 dollar check that I had written was insufficient. Well I did not write a check for that amount but they assured me I did and told me where to.

22). Why I Decided To Plan My Next Years Garden Last Fall
Every year spring comes and I get so excited to get outside and plant my garden. I can just taste those fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, and all the other wonderful produce that I will grow this summer.

I stop at all the seed displays and see if there is anything new that I want to try and grow this year and take pleasure in my anticipation to dig in the dirt.



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