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1). Humorous Thought for the Day - How I Write Funny Lines on a Daily Basis
Imagine a web site where you go on a daily basis to see a humorous thought for the day. Better yet, what if that site delivers the humorous thought for the day to your email?

And what if instead of providing stale, you've-heard-it-a-thousand-times-before humor, that site provided fresh, baked-daily humor created on-site in their in-store ovens?

Well .

2). Thought for the Day: Why Doing a Task Twice Is Better Than Planning and Doing It Once
Yesterday, I was repairing part of the eaves on my house. It had sustained some water damage, and I needed to add a two-by-four piece of wood for some extra support.

I had already cut another, thinner piece. But I decided a more substantial piece was needed. And making it a little longer would give a nice, tight fit.

The thought occurred to me to measure the place where I would put the two-by-four.

3). Thought for the Day - A Micro-break in Our Fast-Paced Culture
You have the best of intentions. You know you've been too intense at work. And you're really disliking your job more and more each day. You promise yourself to keep a better focus on what's really important in life. But so far you haven't kept your promise to yourself.

Or maybe it's the upkeep of the house. You try to keep a clean living environment.

4). Thought for the Day - Is Delivery to Your Email Better Than Visiting a Site Each Day?
Many people enjoy reading a thought for the day. It's a popular and fun way to focus your mind on a significant slice of life that you might normally overlook.

The thoughts expressed are typically profound or humorous or both. The enjoyment of a thought for the day comes when you recognize a familiar and entertaining aspect of human nature in the words you read.



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