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1). Looking To The Past Of Geothermal Energy
Geothermal energy is often viewed as a relatively new form of alternative energy. In truth, the use of geothermal energy stretches far back into the past.

Looking To The Past Of Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is literally, “earth heat”. This type of energy's name comes from two Greek words: “geo” meaning earth, and “therme”, which means heat.

2). An Overview of Nuclear Energy
In the effort to get away from our oil and coal dependency, nuclear energy is getting attention again. Here is an overview of nuclear energy.

An Overview of Nuclear Energy

Harnessing a chemical reaction at the nuclear level of certain materials produces nuclear energy. The process is known as nuclear fission.

Nuclear fission occurs when certain materials, such as uranium, are manipulated in a manner that causes them to decay quickly.

3). Overview of Geothermal Energy
As we look to alternative energy sources for our power hungry world, geothermal energy is getting attention. Here is a brief overview of geothermal energy.

Overview of Geothermal Energy

There are many different types of energy available to power our world. For years, people have used the power of burning fossil fuels, such as coal (also used to produce steam power) to create energy.

4). Bio Pyramid
In the ongoing energy debate, biomass energy is getting a lot of play among politicians. To understand the concept, it first helps to understand the bio pyramid.

Bio Pyramid

All of the organisms in the world follow orders of classification. Whether you choose to put them into groups of plants and animals, herbivores and carnivores, or any other of the many different types of classification systems, organisms can be put into many groups in order to understand their relationship to one another.

5). Positive Aspects of Carbon Fuels
Ah, the evil carbon fuels. Carbon fuels that were once exalted as the power source for the industrial revolution are now demonized because of global warming. There are, however, positive aspects to carbon fuels.

Positive Aspects of Carbon Fuels

Carbon fuels are those fuels which come from the remains of ancient plants and animals. They include oil (petroleum), natural gas (such as methane and propane) and coal.

6). Overview of Tidal Energy
As the world looks for alternative fuel sources, tidal energy is starting to attract attention again. Following is an overview of tidal energy.

7). Parabolic Solar Oven
Mention solar power to someone and they immediately think of solar panels. A parabolic solar oven, however, has a much more practical use when it comes to feeding ourselves.

Parabolic Solar Oven

While searching for ways to reduce the use of nonrenewable resources, you might encounter solar power. Solar power, or solar energy, is the use of the sun's rays to either create energy (electricity), charge a battery, heat water or other fluids, passively heat homes through glass windows, or even cook foods.

8). How To Get A Rebate for Going Solar In Tucson, Arizona
With all of its sunny days, going solar makes sense if you live in Arizona. Even better, one utility company will give you rebates for installing solar panels on your home.

9). Producing Energy From Geothermal Resources
Geothermal energy is a platform tapping the inherent energy found within the Earth. Her is an overview of how the process works from a practical perspective.

Producing Energy From Geothermal Resources

There are several types of energy used in the world that are considered eco-friendly. These energy types include solar, which harnesses the power of the sun, and hydroelectric, which uses the power of water to generate electricity.

10). An Overview of Biomass Energy
As fuel prices skyrocket, personal financial situations and entire economies are threatened. Biomass energy has been offered up as a possible solution.

An Overview of Biomass Energy

Energy can be produced in a number of ways. We can burn fossil fuels, use the sun's light for solar energy, use water for hydroelectric generators or even the heat of the Earth's core in geothermal energy.

11). Solar vs. Oil
Solar power has long been a minor power source compared to mighty oil. As oil prices rise and conflicts occur in oil countries, perhaps the issue needs to be revisited.

Solar vs. Oil

The industrial revolution was built on the back of oil and coal. There is no denying that solar played no part whatsoever. This is particularly true since solar cells were not invented until the 1950s! That being said, it appears indisputable that we have reached or are approaching a new debate about how we deal with our insatiable thirst for power.

12). Handling Your Own Shower Drain Installation Project
Upgrading a bathroom is one of the more popular home improvement projects. Handling the plumbing for draining your shower can be exceedingly simple unless you go overboard.

Handling Your Own Shower Drain Installation Project

Whether you are a bathtub or shower person, most people look for shower only options when buying a home. This simple fact means more than a few homeowners spend a weekend upgrading or installing showers in their bathrooms.

13). Refurbished Solar Panels For Your Home
For many people, buying something new makes little sense if they can get something refurbished for far cheaper. Refurbished solar panels tend to work the same way, but they can cost you in the end unless you understand the situation.

Refurbished Solar Panels For Your Home

Some families would love to try running their households on solar energy, but might not be able to afford the large price tag.

14). Hydropower as a Clean Energy Platform
With carbon fuels under supply stress, hydropower presents one functional clean energy alternative. Here is an overview of hydropower and its practical application in modern society.

Hydropower as a Clean Energy Platform

There are many different types of alternative energy available today. From solar panels to wind turbines to geothermal energy sources, the renewable energy field is exploding.

15). Solar Lights For Your Garden
We all care how our homes appear to others and lighting is a big part of that. Solar lights are a popular and cost effective option for adding a little zing to your landscaping efforts.

Solar Lights For Your Garden

Many people enjoy the look of lights in their landscaping. Whether you want to light a path to your door or the area around your pool, proper lighting can heighten your night time enjoyment of your yard.

16). Using The Sun To Run Dock Lights
As alternative energy sources gain more popularity, companies expand their applications. Self contained solar panels lights are now being used on docks.

Using The Sun To Run Dock Lights

When boating, safety is the most important thing to consider. This is especially true at night, when just the simple act of docking your boat can be tricky. You definitely need to light your way to your dock, whether you’ve got a big boat or a small one.

17). Sharp Solar – Solar Energy Manufacturer
As the world looks to alternative fuel sources to save the environment and money, solar energy has come to the forefront. Sharp solar is known as one of the leading manufacturers.

Sharp Solar – Solar Energy Manufacturer

Solar energy has become increasingly important in today’s world. With fuel prices skyrocketing and other forms of home energy being impractical, solar energy is the Earth's best solution to powering our lives.

18). Solar Power for Post Lighting
Solar energy is all around us, but most people don’t notice it. For instance, the power source for many emergency phones on freeways is powered by it. This brings us the subject of solar post lights.

Solar Power for Post Lighting

Solar energy started to come into popularity in the 1970s, when technology advances combined with massive oil price increases to make solar a popular alternative energy source.

19). Does Global Warming Occur Without Man?
Global warming is perpetually in the news these days. While everyone is aware of pollution problems, did you know a certain amount of global warming occurs as part of the biomass?

20). How Solar Thermal Works In Your Home
Given energy concerns these days, most homes are now designed to take advantage of passive solar heating concepts. Solar thermal is a big part of this process.

How Thermal Mass Works In Your Home

Getting a little free heating can go a long way on your utility bill, particularly over the life of a structure. Passive solar heating is the methodology used to achieve this goal.

21). British Petroleum – Solar Products Manufacturer
British Petroleum was once known for their petroleum products. How times have changed. BP is now one of the biggest producers of solar products.

British Petroleum – Solar Products Manufacture

Solar power is the way of the future. Whether you are interested in saving the environment or just saving money, solar products can provide you with the power you need to run a household while not using traditional fossil fuels or supplied electricity.

22). An Overview of Wind Farms As An Energy Source
With energy issues becoming a daily subject in the news, wind energy is gaining notoriety. Here is an overview of wind farms and their potential.

An Overview of Wind Farms

A wind farm is simply a collection of wind turbines in a location used to produce electricity. Wind farms can be found in the United States, but are far more prevalent in Europe.

23). Animals and The Melting Arctic Ice Cap
The arguments for global warming can sound a bit vacuous when discussing temperature changes of only one degree. The impact of the melting Arctic ice cap on animals is much more tangible.

Animals and The Melting Arctic Ice Cap

There is little dispute that the Arctic ice cap is melting. Since 1979, it has definitively shrunk by 20 percent. The issue amongst most people debating global warming is whether this is because of global warming or just a natural cycle of the planet.

24). Understanding Emissions Trading and Global Warming
It goes without saying that there is often an inherent conflict between science and economies. Emission trading is an interesting effort in the global warming arena.

Understanding Emissions Trading and Global Warming

It is a mild understatement to say that global warming is both a controversial and misunderstood field. As the decay of the ice packs and slowing of the ocean conveyer become more apparent, the controversy is starting to evolve into an acceptance of global warming as a fact.

25). Straw Bales as a Building Material
If you are considering building your own home, you might be looking to alternative building methods. Straw bales present an option that is becoming more and more popular.

Straw Bales as a Building Material

If you are thinking about building your own house, you have many different construction materials to choose from. All of these materials make great places to live in, but there are certain drawbacks, including expense and ecological unfriendly pollutants.

26). Window Manufacturers Qualifying For Energy Star Ratings
Energy Star is part of a government-backed program promoting energy efficiency. Windows are one area where the program works.

27). Renewable Energy Overview
As political and economic aspects of fossil fuels grow more harrowing, renewable energy is gaining popularity. Here’s an overview of renewable energy.

28). Homeowners In Hawaii Get Windfall With Solar Power
While the federal government has created incentives for going solar, they are but a drip in the bucket compared to incentives being offered in Hawaii.

Homeowners In Hawaii Get Windfall With Solar Power

There is a move afoot to wean ourselves from fossil fuels. The federal government has attempted to promote the use of solar among homeowners through tax credits.

29). Chocolate – The Answer To Hydrogen Fuel Supplies?
Many people look to hydrogen fuel cells as the answer to our energy issues. The only problem, of course, is creating usable hydrogen. Chocolate production may be the answer.

Chocolate – The Answer To Hydrogen Fuel Supplies?

Mention hydrogen as a fuel source and politicians, scientists and techies get that glassed over look in their eyes. Simply put, hydrogen is a perfect fuel.

30). New Solar Technology - Holographic Tuning
With the renewed emphasis on renewable energy, new technologies are emerging. Holographic tuning is one such technology and could revolutionize solar cells.

31). Tips for Saving Money At The Pump
The cost of gas in the United States is increasing dramatically. The following tips can help you limit the impact on your bank account when you are sitting at the pump.

32). Types of Carbon Fuels
Any discussion of carbon fuels tends to carry the assumption they are all the same. There are, however, many different types of carbon fuels comprising this energy source.

Types of Carbon Fuels

While all carbon fuels are generally used for the same purpose, producing energy, there are different types of carbon fuels. Carbon fuels are the hydrocarbon fuels that are found underneath within the Earth.

33). Heating and Cooling with Geothermal
As fossil fuels get more expensive, society in general is starting to get serious about finding new power sources. Geothermal heating is a simple answer for homes.

34). Solar Energy Systems for Pools
If you have a pool, you know how much heating it can crank up your utility bill. Solar energy systems for pools offer an alternative method that will not devastate your bank account.

Solar Energy Systems for Pools

When most people think of solar energy systems, they think of the large crystalline structures that are meant to collect a lot of solar energy in order to convert it into solar power.

35). Wind Farm Efficiency
Wind power is an incredibly clean renewable power source. To capture the energy in wind, wind farms are used. So, how about wind farm efficiency?

Wind Farm Efficiency

Wind power is the process by which wind is used to generate power or electricity. The power of the wind is actually a form of solar power – wind change and variability is caused by uneven heating of the ground by the sun.

36). Forming Carbon Fuels
Currently, there is a great debate in our society surrounding carbon fuels. To understand the issues associated with them, one first needs to understand the process in forming carbon fuels.

Forming Carbon Fuels

Carbon fuels are the most widely used energy sources in the world. Also known as mineral fuels, carbon fuel is a term used to describe hydrocarbon fuel sources.

37). Hydropower As A Major Player In The Energy Game
Hydropower has been a slumbering giant in the energy game. Since the 1960s, its use has actually gone down compared to other energy sources. This is beginning to change.

Hydropower As A Major Player In The Energy Game

Hydropower is the massive production of electricity through the conversion of kinetic energy in water into electricity. This is typically undertaken in the form of a dam on a river.

38). Green Gift Baskets Ideas
People have always loved to give gift baskets, but now are looking for greener options. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you green gift basket ideas.

Green Gift Baskets Ideas

If you have friends or relatives who are concerned about being eco-friendly or “green”, or if you are concerned about the environment yourself, you might have a hard time finding gifts.

39). Get a Tax Credit for Using Renewable Energy in Oregon
Oregon has always been known as an environmentally conscious state. To this end, you can even get a tax credit for using renewable energy.

40). Solar Energy Overview
Solar energy is a renewable, clean energy that has been around for thousands of years in one form or another. Following is an overview of solar energy.

41). Ordering Parts For Your Plumbing Through The Mail
If you own a home, do it yourself projects undoubtedly occupy many of your weekends. Mail order plumbing makes plumbing upgrades cheaper, particularly if you plan ahead.

Ordering Parts For Your Plumbing Through The Mail

The Internet has given rise to so many new and, frankly, odd things that there seems to be no end to it. One of the hugely popular areas that have arisen is the area of home improvements.

42). Is Passive Solar A Viable Home Heating Option In Cold Areas?
Passive solar is a method of using the energy from the sun to heat a home. It is extremely popular because the process is free once a passive solar home is created.

Is Passive Solar A Viable Home Heating Option In Cold Areas?

Passive solar can be used to heat a home in colder areas, but you have to go into it with reasonable expectations. While the cold climate is a hurdle, the real issue is going to be the length of time the sun beats down upon your property.

43). Motion Lighting Using Solar Power
Motion lighting is very convenient security platform for homes. Solar motion lamps take the benefits to the next level with more efficiency and reduced utility bills.

Motion Lighting Using Solar Power

Motion sensor lamps can be an excellent choice for your home. These lamps offer the security of having a bright light shine into the eyes of any would be intruder, thus deterring them from staying on your property.

44). Uses for Solar In Every Day Life
Many a person, myself included, has gone on and on about the benefits of solar energy. While theoretical arguments are always interesting, what about daily applications?

Uses for Solar In Every Day Life

Solar energy is an important advance in the effort to save the environment. Perhaps the most easily usable and most convenient of the renewable energy sources (which also include wind and water), solar energy has been used since the beginning of time as a heating source.

45). Air Pollution In California
Just the other day, I experienced the nauseating sensation of driving down a pass into the air pollution in Los Angeles. We need clean air to be healthy, but these air pollution facts make me ill.

Air Pollution In California

There are many different types of pollution that affect our environment. The Earth's waters are affected by pollutants such as chemicals and medical waste, and the land itself is also polluted with garbage and even more types of chemicals.

46). Los Angeles Re-Starts Solar Incentives for Homeowners
With massive energy consumption rates, California is in a perpetual energy supply and demand struggle. The state is looking to solar as an alternative and Los Angeles just made it more attractive.

Los Angeles Re-Starts Solar Incentives for Homeowners

As the rolling blackouts each summer can attest, California is a state with major energy problems.

47). What are Carbon Fuels?
In any discussion of energy, the subject of carbon fuels comes quickly to the forefront. Are they good or bad for us? Do they cause global warming? Before entering the debate, just what are carbon fuels?

What are Carbon Fuels?

Carbon fuels form one of the great debates in society these days. They are the building blocks of nearly every economy in the world.

48). Temperature Control with Solar Panels
While solar energy is most often associated with the production of electricity, heating is also a major platform. Temperature control is the key to an efficient system.

49). Sprucing Up Your Garden With Solar
Fountains are a popular addition to most landscaped yards. Solar fountains give you the benefit of traditional fountains without running up your electrical bill every month.

Sprucing Up Your Garden With Solar

Mention solar power and people get an image of large, bulky solar panels on the roof of a home. This stereotypical view is really incorrect as large panel systems are now going the way of the dodo bird.

50). Power Cells As Alternative To Oil
As oil and gasoline prices rise, much hay is being made regarding the possibilities of power cells as a solution to our oil addictions. Here’s a basic primer on power cells.

Power Cells As Alternative To Oil

More than a few politicians have argued that power cells have the potential to cure all our energy problems. They argue power cells offer clean, efficient alternatives to the gasoline and oil burning combustion engine we all use in our vehicles.

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