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Raamakant S. Profile and Articles

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1). How To Make People Buy Using Motivational Triggers.
Did you ask yourself any time that why you buy that particular item? Is something that triggers your mind and push you to buy that product? What’s the true reason that you don't leave that particular site without opening your wallet? The answer is motivational triggers.

Motivational Triggers are the special words or phrases that trigger the human brain in a positive way.

2). How to make your Ads Irresistible.
Advertising plays a great role in boosting a business up to the sky.They are the medium for you to climb up without any ropes. Ads give us a reason to buy a single product instead of another. They are the medium by which a particular company highlights it's products benefits in a way that sounds to be interesting.

You often see that ads maker do use of small kids, well known personality to have a look on their ad.

3). What You Should Know About Writing Articles.
Are you the one finding a golden key to your online success? Well I have the one and you can also use it to unlock your way. Articles are the right way to your online success without any hindrance. Remember "Content is King" and you can be that king.

Many internet marketers really focus on the importance of writing an article. They emphasize that writing and submitting articles to different sites really proves fruitful for your online success.

4). How to Win Over Competition.
Now days there is a cut-throat competition in every sphere of life whether it's business, studies or anything. Competition is a feeling that can improve anybody. If you are competitive you can reach at the highest level of the world.

Competition is a real method that makes you earn money. Let us assume that you have a product concerning with gardening and you want your site to be ranked in at the top.

5). How To Turn Your Visitors Into Loyal Customers.
Do you have notice in your daily life that you ought to buy things from a particular store? Is it some force that repels you to buy from another store?

Well no forces other than scientific forces are acting on this earth. What's acting there is your trust to a particular store, your taste of choice, relationships with store owner, etc. Your phase of changing from a general customer to a regular customer did not occur at one purchase.



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