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1). Should You License Your Technology?
So when should you license your technology to other companies? This can be a complicated question, since I always say "no one sells your product like you do."

2). Promoting your content through RSS feeds
To many of you, this article will be preaching to the choir. In fact, quite a few people already read these articles via an RSS feed in a newsreader, browser, or on their Google, Yahoo or MSN personalized homepage.

3). Software vs. Hardware Business Models
So what are the differences and similarities between successful software and hardware businesses?

4). Technology Acceleration
Copyright 2006 PJM Consulting

Technology is a GOOD THING. Well, most of the time it is.

Iím sure youíve seen articles bemoaning the NEGATIVE role that technology advancement has played in our lives. I have recently joined the ranks of those doing the bemoaning.


Donít get me wrongóIím a tech guy through and through. Iíve chosen to work in the technology industry for 20 years, and I love gadgets as well as the next guy.

5). Pricing High Tech Products
Copyright 2006 PJM Consulting

Pricing is always an interesting topic, but even more so in the High Tech and Software worlds. In the consumer products business, if there is a package of frozen peas from Green Giant thatís priced at $3.99, youíre not likely to see someone elseís same-size package of peas priced at $14.99. But in High Tech, things are different.

6). US Government Sales & Marketing
Copyright 2006 PJM Consulting

Whatís the difference between selling to the US Government and selling to the Commercial market?

Itís like night and day.

Sales and Marketing to the government is truly the flip side of commercial activities. You really canít believe how different these markets are--until youíve actually come from one side--and tried to go over to the other.

7). High Tech Product Management
Copyright 2006 PJM Consulting

Product Management--what does this mean in a High Tech company? What is the function, and where does it belong? I've held permanent positions in a number of high tech concerns, as with PJM Consulting I have worked with many more in a consulting capacity.

Product Management is all over the map in High Tech. Most often it resides in the marketing department.

8). Do High Tech Acquisitions Make Sense?
Copyright 2006 PJM Consulting

I was reading recently about the proposed merger between StorageTek and Sun. Two major technology companies, one making a comeback from bankruptcy and the other mired in a long slump, with several years of negative predictions about their business prospects.

I am not an insider and donít know the specific details of this merger.

9). Software as a Service
Copyright 2006 PJM Consulting

How should Software be delivered to users? Via traditional licenses? As ďfreeĒ services supported by advertising? Or using a rental model referred to under several different labels such as Hosted, ASP, On Demand or SaaS. This has been very much in debate over the last few years. Back in the dot-com boom, the selling of software licenses was proclaimed to be dead.

10). Sales & Marketing-Is a direct or indirect approach best? Part i
There are so many different options within the direct vs. indirect argument.

11). International Distribution of Software Products
Copyright 2006 PJM Consulting

Have your ever heard (or thought) the following? "We're a startup software company. We'll attack our home market first, then think about international markets."

Wrong answer! (In most cases, anyway). I work with a lot of startups, and I hear the above all too often. Especially when the founder or CEO comes from a technical background.

12). Layoffs and Bureaucracy
A while back Id been reading the stories on the last major layoff at HP, and it really struck a nerve. HP announced that week that they are going to reduce their workforce by 14,500 people over the next 18 months.

13). Outsourcing Software Development Projects Offshore Part I
Outsourcing Software Development Offshore This is a strategy that has "taken off" and is rapidly becoming mainstream in the software industry.

14). Email Deliverability
I want to discuss a topic that is important to nearly every company today. If you use the Internet at all for communications, SPAM is a topic that affects you--from one end or the other.

15). Strategic Fundraising for Startup Companies Part II
This example makes up the great majority of software companies worldwide. There are many, many solidly profitable software businesses that will never be on the radar screen of the investor community.

16). Software and High Tech Product Planning
There are many ways to skin a cat, so the saying goes. Planning high technology software and hardware products seems to fit in the same category.

17). High Tech Management & Leadership
Copyright 2006 PJM Consulting

What makes a great manager or leader in a High Tech company? Is it great technical knowledge or skill? Or is it the ability to be affable and convince people to do what you want by the strength of likeability and personal relationships? Getting people to perform by fear of and grudging respect that comes from being in a position of power? People might answer this question in almost as many ways as there are people to ask.

18). Free Search Engine Optimization Tools
As I run across tools and websites that I find particularly useful for software and high tech companies, I like to pass them along.

19). Strategic Partnerships
Forming Partnerships, or Strategic Alliances, is one of the key elements that make up the business development function in technology companies. I believe that alliances are underutilized, in many ways. Conceived and executed properly, alliances can greatly extend the partner companies reach in the marketplace.

20). Is Advertising the Future of Software Revenue? Part I
We have a word for this overstatement of a trend: "hype". So, is traditional software revenue model of licensing dead? Will all software eventually be "given away" to the end user, and supported solely by advertising revenue?

21). Strategic Fundraising for Startup Companies Part I
Almost every company goes through it, except for the fortunate few. Some people have gone through it multiple times. While never easy, raising money for the second or third time (assuming success the first time!) is a picnic, compared to the first time.



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