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1). What Lies Below
This article and others that follow will be devoted to home repair and improvement dealing with different areas from roof to basement.
If you are going to re-do the bathroom floor - this means taking up your tile, sheet vinyl, or ceramic tile and underlayments you should make sure there are no signs of water damage to the subflooring and check to see if it is solid throughout.

2). Home Inspection – Going On Top
Everyone who buys or sells a house, apartment or condo is going to use a home inspector at one time or another and even though you pretty much know what they do, many of you might have more appreciation for them once you learn more details of there chosen profession. Home inspectors have been around for a long time and they will be here for a lot longer, preparing reports, giving advice and recommendations and to some, a peace of mind.

3). Computer Viruses - the basics
In its simplest terms a virus is a disruptive computer code period!
A computer virus almost always repeats itself and spreads by attaching itself to other files. Viruses can be made to host a number of harmful things on any computer from disrupting files to crashing networks. It can even be laying dormant, without you knowing it's there and then attack when least expect it, like right in the middle of downloading a large file or typing a long report.

4). You Can Zip It Up
Anyone who has seen the movie’ Honey I shrunk the kids' can imagine how useful compression can be. Compression, which has become anonymous with Zip files work
off the same idea only with a (add your joke here)'slightly' different technology.
You will find a lot of data compression programs in use today and some are easier and have better features than others, so in this article I will talk about compression in general, but may through in a couple of examples for comparison.



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