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1). Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivations
Have you ever had a problem getting motivated to complete a task that you absolutely had to do? Did you ever just want to throw in the towel and accept that you failed? If so, understand that there are things you can do to be more motivated and to achieve your goals.

2). Hydropower Renewable Energy - Fossil Fuel Replacement
Approximately ten percent of energy produced in the United States is from hydropower. In this process, water spins in turbines in generators.

3). Coffee Machines: Making the Perfect Cup
There are basically four types of coffee makers on the market today: the drip, the vacuum, the French press, and the stovetop.

4). Anxiety Basics - What Can Be Done
Anxiety is not something to be taken lightly - especially not for the millions of people around the world suffering from it.

5). Electric Shaver Tips - Quick and Easy Guide
Electric shavers are quick and easy. Usually used for a dry shave, (although waterproof wet models are available for use in the shower), electric shavers are less messy, easier to use, and offer less chance of cuts and scrapes.

6). Famous Leadership Styles - Contrasting Leaders and Their Methods
Pictures of the well known and well to do are flashed across TV screens and adorn glossy magazine covers daily. We love celebrity. We watch their every movement, daydream about what it is like to live the life.

7). Home Improvement - Quick and Easy Wall Patches
Anyone who has ever had drywall in their house knows that eventually a door will get slammed open; a piece of furniture smacked against the wall, or some other incident will create a gouge, a hole or a scratch in the drywall that must be fixed.

8). Camping Outdoors Behavior - Unwritten Rules
If you have camped in the great outdoors in the past, then you are probably aware that there are an unwritten set of rules you need to follow to keep the land and the people around you happy and in good condition.

9). Life Jackets and PFD - Boating Equipment Essentials
Life jackets may be the #1 safety device needed for all boaters. No matter what your age, or experience, a life jacket or PFD is a must-have for everyone on board!

10). Boating Accidents - Helpful Prevention Tips
According to national Coast Guard statistics, 80% of all boating accidents are caused by human error.

11). Golf Balls: What Type Should You Buy?
There are some specifications that all golf balls must meet in order to be sold for golfers.

12). VoIP Hardware - Expand Your Options
While VoIP software will most likely retain its popularity with certain segments of people, most cable and phone companies offer hardware-based VoIP services.

13). Family Motivation: The Glue that Holds Families Together
As many people know from experience, the family unit can be a strong source of stability, security, and happiness. It can nurture support, love, and togetherness.

14). VoIP Beginners Guide - Crash Course
Many people are unfamiliar with the changing technology that comes to us in the form of Internet-related products.

15). Top Three Dog Breeds - Large and Small
If you happen to be in the market for a purebred dog, there are over one hundred varieties to choose from. They each have their own traits and temperaments.

16). Computer Viruses - Types Users Should be Aware of
Computer viruses can wipe out or totally destroy a computer. They can be the worst program your computer has ever encountered. On the other hand, they can just be an annoyance.

17). Renewable Energy - Sources That Never Get Exhausted
Nonrenewable energy sources represent the majority of the energy used today. These sources are being depleted.

18). Daily Motivation: What Motivates you Each Day?
Every experience that a person has impacts him or her positively or negatively. All of the positive moments most likely enhance our daily motivation. Daily motivation is what enables us to strive to be better people, to work towards goals, and to lead fulfilling lives.

19). Advantages and Disadvantages of Renewable Energy
There are many energy sources today that are extremely limited in supply. Some of these sources include oil, natural gas, and coal. It is a matter of time before they will be exhausted.

20). The Benefits of A Financial Budget - Better Life
Why do so many people fight the mere thought of living a budget-based life so much? For many, living on a budget feels like giving up the good life, when in reality, a budget brings the good life even closer.

21). Hybrid Cars - Positive Effect on the Environment
Car manufacturers tout their efficiency. Consumer advocates dispute claims of 60-plus miles per gallon gas efficiency.

22). Tennis Racket Equipment - Tips to Choose The Best Racquets
In order to play the best game you can, you must have the right equipment. Of course, your racquet is the most important piece of tennis equipment you will ever buy.

23). How To Play Tennis - Tennis Introduction
Always wanted to learn how to play tennis, but have no idea where to begin? The best way to learn is to take a few classes or find a friend who knows how to play and hit the courts.

24). Tennis Lessons - Basic Tennis Stroke Tips
Learning basic tennis strokes is essential to setting the stage for better play in the future. Fail to learn these basics early on and you will struggle with overcoming bad playing habits for years to come.

25). Coffee Harvesting: The Process
Are you an avid coffee drinker? If so, do you know how your coffee is harvested? Actually, most people have no idea where their favorite delicious drink comes from!

26). Yoga Positions - Positive Energy Flow
Practicing yoga can be wonderfully beneficial to both the body and the mind.

27). How to Buy A Used Boat
Whether you decide to risk buying your first boat from another boat owner, or from a dealer, there are a few things to watch out for when purchasing any used watercraft.

28). Self-Motivation: The Desire to Succeed
Why do some people succeed in doing these things, and others do not? The answer is: self-motivation.

29). What Causes Acne: The Facts
So where does acne come from, and how can you stop it from invading your life?

30). Poison Ivy Remedy: Stop the Itch
Poison Ivy affects thousands of people each year in the United States. It accounts for around 10% of the loss of work time in the job world.

31). Mobile VoIP - Connecting a Cell Phone
VoIP, known as Voice Over Internet Protocol, has created quite a buzz. It has helped to reduce phone costs and given people opportunities to save on phone bills each month.

32). Acne Scars: Removal Techniques
Acne scars can have a great deal of mental and psychological effects on the people who have them. Luckily, today there are many medical procedures that can lessen or completely eliminate the scars that are caused by acne.

33). Golf Putters: What Type is Right for You?
As a golfer, one of the most important pieces of equipment that you can own is a putter. As you probably realize, your putter is used more times in one round of golf than any of your other clubs.

34). Coffee Caffeine: How Much in your Cup?
Coffee is a complex mixture of chemical components of the coffee bean. Some of these components are partially destroyed by the roasting process; however, many of these components are not.

35). Geothermal Renewable Energy - The Earth
The heat of the Earth makes up what is known as geothermal energy. When dust and gasses from Earth mixed together 4 billion years ago, geothermal energy resulted.

36). Student Motivation: Inspiring the Future
One of the most important aspects of a teachers job is to motivate students. In order for a student to be motivated, he or she must possess a desire to learn and be willing to aim this desire toward achieving academic goals.

37). Acne Prescription Medicine: What You Need to Know
If your acne is severe enough, it is best to see a qualified dermatologist. This doctor can give you a prescription medication to treat your condition.

38). The Warning Signs of Arthritis
Most people associate painful and swollen joints with arthritis, but did you know that extreme fatigue, an all-around achy feeling, and a low-grade fever may be symptoms of arthritis as well?

39). Coffee Beans: What Type Should you Choose?
The two main types of coffee beans are the Arabica and the Robusta beans. These grow in many regions between the Topic of Cancer to the North and the Tropic of Capicorn below the equator.

40). Pimples Remedy: Unexpected and Unwanted Visitors
How do we win the war against the pimple? A three-step approach would consist of cleaning, treating, and concealing.

41). Malware: Malicious Computer Software
There is a type of software out there that all computer owners and operators need to be aware of. That software is known as malware, or "malicious software". Malware can completely destroy computers or make them difficult to use.

42). Ashtanga Yoga - History and Theory
If you are interesting in taking up yoga, Ashtanga yoga may be the kind of yoga for you. This popular form of yoga has an interesting history.

43). Migraines - How To Deal With the Throbbing Pain
More than just a "bad headache," migraine sufferers know the debilitating effects of this disease. Nearly 30 million Americans suffer migraines on a regular basis.

44). Weight Loss Motivation: Key to Shedding Pounds
Whether you are struggling to shed a few unwanted pounds or to plummet ten pants sizes, success often depends on weight loss motivation.

45). Leadership Types and Styles - Overview of Skills
Leadership style is crucial to success. We find leadership all around us. Each of us will fill the role ourselves at various times in our lives. Leadership can be found in the world of business, sports, politics, religion and as close as home.

46). Organic Food: How To Grow Your Own
Some people are even going as far as having their own organic gardens right in their backyards. Is an organic garden right for you?

47). Cat Allergies - What to Do
Having an allergy to a cat can be a very annoying problem. Having a runny nose all of the time, itchy eyes, and a scratchy throat can make you want to toss your own cat out the window!

48). Leadership Skills - Methods and Practice to Improve Your Skills
We have all heard it said, "There is room for improvement". Leadership is no exception. Effectiveness of knowledge in leadership is a key component.

49). Christmas Card Etiquette - Tips From the Experts
Christmas cards are big business. Nearly 2 billion holiday cards will be purchased, addressed and mailed this Christmas season alone.

50). Camping Checklist - Making a List
If you want to be a smart camper, then be an organized camper. Make lists of what you need, and prepare these items accordingly.

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