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Martha Matthews Profile and Articles

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1). How to Clean Your Bathroom in 15 Minutes
by Martha Matthews

I used to absolutely loath cleaning my bathrooms. It was so much work (or so I thought) that I would procrastinate until my husband would threaten to call the health department. One day, a friend of mine showed me this routine that has helped me maintain my sanity by getting this dirty job done quickly. She introduced me to the “15 Minute Bathroom Cleaning Routine” and my life has never been the same.

2). Teaching Our Children about the True Meaning of Christmas

Help children understand Christmas through imitating Jesus.
Teaching Our Children about the True Meaning of Christmas By Martha Matthews Cop

3). Back on my own again, MAKE IT BIG OR STARVE!!!
The memories of my door knock fever was still fresh in my mind, so I decided to go to telemarketing at the time, instead of door to door sales.

4). Boyd Makes It Big
I needed a mop. I needed a large mop. But I had no money. I mean, no money. Sheridan, Wyoming left few options for employment. I had returned

5). Burt and Ernie
I am going to attempt to take some boring information, and pump a little life into it. I have some information from the Ohio Division of Recyclin

6). Valentine Dinner for Two

Easy Valentine Dinner for Two recipes
For a romantic Valentine dinner for two, whip up these easy to make recipes.

Mushroom Pâté

7). God and Your Schedule

Learn how to handle a hectic schedule in a godly way
“How can I be better organized”? “How can I use my time more wisely?” “What new techn

8). Blind Leo Takes a Drive
"Hey Boy!! Get away from those dogs!! They’re vicious!"I snapped my hand back, looking up at the tall crotchety old man restraining the anima



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