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1). Tiling a Shower Stall starts with a Shower Pan
Building a Custom Ceramic Tile Shower

The most important feature in a ceramic tile shower stall is the shower pan. The shower pan channels water to the drain and prevents the shower from leaking. Consequently it is critical that the shower pan be installed correctly and that it is waterproof and durable.

The shower pan is actually a mortar bed consisting of a flexible shower pan liner sandwiched between two layers of mortar.

2). Drywall Installation
Installing Drywall, or hanging drywall as the professionals usually refer to the task, can be done by the homeowner. However, it is usually best done

3). Changing a Toilet Wax Ring
If there is water slowly leaking around the base of your toilet, or you constantly smell a foul odor in your bathroom chances are the toilet wax ring has begun to fail and it is time for it to be replaced.

A toilet wax ring is pretty much described by its name. It is a 1 to 2 inch thick ring of wax, frequently found surrounding a plastic funnel. The toilet wax ring works by forming a water/air tight seal between the base of the porcelain toilet base and the toilet flange (plastic or cast iron).

4). Remodeling a Bathroom and Refinishing and Restoring Baseboard Heating Element Covers
If you are considering remodeling your home's bathroom then you should add refinishing baseboard heating element covers to the list of tasks to do. Rusty baseboard heating element covers are frequent occurrences in older bathrooms.

The installation of new toilets, tubs, sinks, vanities, and flooring are typically involved in a bathroom remodeling job, however sometimes the heating element is forgotten.

5). Sell Ebooks Using Custom Paypal Buttons
- Create Custom Download Message and Encrypt Paypal Buttons -

One of the most significant website problems I needed to solve when creating and selling Ebooks online was a way to allow customers to automatically download Ebooks after completing their purchase on Paypal.

Selling Ebooks and other digital products online is becoming increasingly popular as the Internet continues to explode.

6). Building a Family Room Addition
Besides providing your home with more living space, building a family room addition can be a terrific investment. However, before embarking on building a family room addition the homeowner should first consider several important items. These items include: home market values in the neighborhood, financing, home building costs, family room design plans (size and scale of project), architecture, timetable for completion, personal disruption/inconvenience threshold and the sweat equity commitment level.

7). Unfinished Homes – A Great Way to Buy a Home
So you’re looking to purchase a new home and contemplating on whether or not it makes sense to buy an unfinished home to save money.

An unfinished home is great way to get into a new home and save dollars. Buying an unfinished home can lower your initial investment and keep the monthly mortgage payment lower. In addition, you might be able to buy an unfinished home with a larger foundation size, such that someday when you finish the home you’ve gone from a “Starter Home” to a large highly sought after custom home.

8). Building a Home Additon
Besides providing your home with more living space, a home addition can be a terrific investment. However, before embarking on such a project the home

9). Sealing a Deck
A deck is an extension of your home's living space and where you will spend much of your time during the summer months. Consequently, it needs to be t

10). How to Hire the Right Building Contractor for Your Home Remodeling Project
Finding and hiring the right home remodeling contractor for your home remodeling project can be daunting and confusing. You can easily search the web or look in the yellow pages and find many home remodeling contractors listed in your area but the question remains - which one do you hire for your home remodeling project. Which one will perform quality work, charge a fair price and get the job done on time.



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