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Jerry Cahill Profile and Articles

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1). Get the Most from Your Fireplace Insert
Inserts are usually made from cast iron or plate steel. Generall they have glass doors so you can see the flames. An insert either fits in the opening of the fireplace or protrudes onto the hearth. An insert that protrudes onto the hearth is more efficient because the sides, top, and bottom provide additional radiant heat.

2). Ellagic Acid has Proven Health Benefits
Have you heard of red rasberry ellagic acid? It is interesting to learn how beneficial this extract is for your health.

3). The Amazing Acai Fruit
Do you know about the Acai Berry Fruit? It is a blueberry like fruit from the Amazon area that exhibits excellent health benefits.

4). The Marvels of Flight, Hummingbirds
Ever watch a hummingbird at a backyard feeder? They are the smallest bird in your backyard but yet they fear no other bird.

5). The History of Mattresses Has Evolved to High Tech
Do you know when the first mattress was invented? It is hard to remember that early humans slept on the ground.

6). Sustainable Horticulture Is Important for Everyone
We live in a world that must be sustainable. Learn how sustaining horticulture helps to sustain our world.

7). Parkas, the All Purpose Outdoor Wear
Parkas have a long history. They were used in extremely cold areas before they were ever marketed commercially.

8). Do you Know What Candida Is, Could it Be Related to Your Health Issues
Candida Albicans may be the mystery that is causing your undiagnosed health problems. If you have a variety of health issues that your doctor has not been able to diagnose you may want to know about Candida.

9). Teeth Whitening Can Create a Positive Outlook
Teeth whitening is becoming more popular. It has minimal risks and offers people an opportunity to smile!



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