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Jay Chirino Profile and Articles

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1). Spy on the Competition, Stay on Top
Just when you thought you had this whole online business thing mastered, it turns out that now you must become a secret super spy, break into your competitor’s databases and steal important documented information that you can put to use for your own benefit. So get your rope and mask ready because we’re going in!

Oh, and by the way, I’m just kitting.

2). It is Personal, It's Business
“It’s not personal, it’s business”- The gangster says to his victim pointing the barrel of the gun straight at his head. Then, the camera angle changes, the shot fires, and the body of the helpless victim falls on the ground. You have probably seen a couple of movies with scenes similar to this one. It exemplifies very well that in the mafia style business, making money comes before anything else, no matter which law needs to be broken or how deep or personal the relationship was with the person that needed to be “taken care of”.

3). Mental Preparation for Success
Congratulations! You have decided to start your own online business! That's great. There are many online money making opportunities that you are going to be able to take advantage of. I know how you feel right now and what you have done up to this point. You are eager to get started, you can't wait. You have already done some research and it seems that you are pretty sure that you know which way you want to go.



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