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1). Making A Splash In The Kitchen: Suggestions For Spicing Up Your Backsplash
If it's true that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, then it should come as no surprise that women want a beautiful yet practical kitchen with all the comforts and amenities the queen of the castle deserves. Let's face it, trendy, healthy meals take time and space, and part of creating beautiful meals means creating a beautiful environment to prepare them in.

2). How Does Your Garden Grow: Tips For Hiring A Landscaper
Just when you're done with shoveling snow, you can set your sights toward spring (and summer) and mowing the lawn. But, for many the grass would be a lot greener if they could just get someone else to do it (the mowing that is). But, weeding out a reputable landscaper, one who not only knows what he is doing, but also one you can trust and can afford can be quite challenging and tricky, especially if your not sure of what to ask about or look for.

3). Burn Baby Burn: Getting Rid Of Your Baby Fat (After Pregnancy)
One of the joys of conceiving becomes quite obvious as the months go by, and that’s showing off your bulging baby bump, a trend being made ever so popular by Hollywood’s hottest expecting leading ladies.

But, unless you're one of the Hollywood hotties, you may not be able to shed that baby bump so quickly after delivery. In fact, if you’re over 25 and certainly over 30, losing the baby weight may seem like a losing battle.

4). Foods That Help Curb Hunger And Cravings
While experts suggest the best way to keep healthy and fit and keep your body nutritionally balanced is by eating several small meals per day. But, of course what you choose plays a large part in how you look and how you feel. And, while many of us "should" be noshing every few hours, how often we crave and what we crave may depend on what we're indulging in.

5). In Slow Motion: The Benefits Of Moderate Exercise
We all "want" to stay in shape and we all NEED to stay in shape. After all, exercise has proven to be good for our jeans and our genes. But, not all of us have the same stamina or endurance, and for some, excessive or strenuous exercise can be downright dangerous.

But, experts assert that no matter what your mental, physical, or medical condition is, moving your body has the same positive effects on everyone.

6). Doggie Dynamics: Potty Training Your Pooch
If you're thinking about adding a member to your family, you'll also want to consider that, that means having one more mouth to feed, and someone else to clean up after. And, this is especially true if you're considering a pet.

According to experts its imperative to teach pets, especially puppies about proper hygiene as soon and as early as possible.

7). How Daily Duties Can Help Us Meet Our Daily Exercise Requirement
Most of us would definitely exercise if we only had the (extra) time, but since we don't. Well, according to experts your "valid" excuse is in reality a "poor" one.

Despite what you've been conditioned to believe, like the need to join a group, gym, etc and devote a designated amount of time per day to your workout routine, experts assert it's actually a lot easier than that.

8). Health By Chocolate: Why Dark Chocolate May Be Good For You
It's that time of year when giving and indulging in the sweetness of sweets (especially with your sweetie) is seen as perfectly acceptable.

But, new research shows that there are more reasons than ever to NOT avoid or deny your chocolate cravings all year long.

According to some studies done in Italy, dark chocolate has many of the same benefits as vitamin C helping the body use insulin more effectively and lower blood pressure.

9). Healthy Hair: Beauty Secrets From The Pros
For most women and some men primping and preening their hair is a daily Olympic event that may or may not win them any medals for the way they look. In fact from bed head to hat head, most of us tress obsessed are prone to bad hair... probably because most of us suffer from bad hair hygiene.

Want healthier, shinier, sexier hair? Don't despair, instead, "do what you're told, and not what you do":

Shower Power:


10). Why Staying Fit And Trim Means Occasionally Letting Yourself Go
Sticking to resolutions is probably the hardest thing we all have to face (at least) once every year. And sticking to a healthy diet probably ranks as one of those "temptations" we all can’t seem to resist or overcome. But who says we have to? In a time of extremes, xtreme sports, xtreme make-overs, etc, xtreme diets (even according to the experts, may not be extremely helpful or healthy for that matter.

11). Relieving Dry Skin And Winter Itch
The winter air can leave a chill in the air and on our skin that chaps and chafes our skin. And, the additional heat, can warm our hearts and our home, but dry out the air and again, our skin, leaving it dehydrated and dry. And, in both cases we can experience a common condition known as winter itch.

According to experts dry skin is a direct by-product of a loss of moisture.

12). Jerk Reactions: The Reason We Are Often Jolted Out Of Sleep
No matter what time we get up in the morning, what our day consisted of, or how late we decided to call it a night, getting a good night's sleep is something we all want and need, but all do differently. Some of us are naturally "restless" sleepers. Despite our exhaustion an efforts, we toss and turn, finding it almost impossible to get comfortable and (perhaps just when we get settled in and comfortable) are awakened by just about any little noise, movement, or glimpse of light.

13). Simple Ways To Fight Off Fatigue
We've all heard about dressing for success, but most of us are stressing for success instead. Whether we are determined to climb the corporate ladder, be the best mommy, daddy, wife or husband on the planet, or grow our home-based business into a worldwide enterprise, we are all (somehow) stressing over something.

In fact, according to the experts, most of us are overworked and overstressed, while underpaid, undernourished, and under-rested.

14). Fruit For Though: How Grape Juice Can Help Keep Us Mentally On Track
We've all heard that drinking wine is good for us, but what about those who are on medication and just can't indulge in alcohol? Well, according the experts, non-fermented (Concord) grapes may be just as healthy for you, especially when it comes to our aging brains. In fact new studies suggest that drinking a healthy amount of unadulterated (Concord) grape juice can help us healthy by keeping our bodies laden with important antioxidants and our minds limber and our memories on track.

15). What’s The Point? Understanding Woman Speak
Women and men communicate differently with women being more verbal and vocal and men not so much. Women are also much more emotional and many would "argue" speak an entirely different language altogether. And some (okay, most) would insist that they encode what they mean or are trying to say behind frivolous words and phrases.

But, if you've got one of these beguiling creatures in you life, it's up to YOU to figure her out and figure out what she really means, especially if you want to keep the piece.

16). Toast Of The Town: Wine As A Preventative Medicine
While not many of us look forward to taking our daily medication, some remedies are more palatably pleasing than others. Among these, some preventative medicines for heart disease and some cancers, including red wine.

And while many are cheering the benefits of the robust beverage others are wondering if it's really the toast of the town. And, according to experts, the answer is an unresounding yes and no.

17). Curious Creatures: The Beauty Of Owning A Ferret
When it comes to getting ourselves or our children a pet, most of us think of a playful puppy or fuzzy kitty, but chances are few of us think about “adopting” a ferret. Yet, according to experts these curious creatures are quite fun-loving and lovable. Not to mention that they adapt fairly well to apartment living making them “ideal” if you’re looking for a pet that’s easy to take care of.

18). Pooling Your Resources: The Benefits Of An Aquatic Workout
You'd definitely work out more if it wasn't, well, so much work, and didn't leave you with all those aching bones. Maybe your doctor even advised you to "take it easy" due to a pre-existing condition.

Well, now experts note there are even fewer reasons to make excuses. And one of the best ways to get your feet wet when it comes to physical activity is by literally getting your feet (and entire body) wet, by submerging yourself into a fairly stressless fitness routine.

19). Sporting Ideas: Putting The Fun Back In Fitness
We all know that we need to exercise (for our health) but hitting the gym first thing in the a.m. or right after work can be anything BUT fun. Still experts suggest that staying fit (and trim) CAN be fun, by simply finding the right routine (and activity) for you.

1. Hoofing It: Walking and/or running are two of the most popular activities for all ages, especially since walking is something most of us "have" to do, and since neither requires any special equipment.

20). Clutter Busters: Simple Strategies For Cleaning Up Your Act
With of the biggest challenges couples and families face is CLUTTER, both dealing with it and avoiding it. But, according to experts, there's really no need to stress over "mess", especially if you learn how to clean up your act, BEFORE it gets out of control

1. Front and Center: Deal with items such as loose change, keys, mail, etc. right at the front door.

21). Home Based Business: Ten Tips For Success:
With the cost of living quickly surpassing the wages (we make) necessary to maintain an “average” lifestyle, more and more employees are beginning to seriously consider the option of working from home.

Being your own boss, setting and keeping your own hours, keeping all (or most of the proceeds for yourself), saving on travel time and gas, allowing for as much vacation time as “necessary”, it all has its perks.

22). New Technology For Immediately Refreshing Your Appearance
Ladies all know that no matter how much makeup we wear of how carefully and strategically we apply it before we leave the house, often times it's almost gone by the time we get to the office. And, we might as well forget about it by lunch or quitting time.

Traditionally our midday and end-of-day touch-ups were part of our daily routine. But, now, according to experts, instead of women sneaking off into the washroom for a quick (facial) pick-me-up, they are sneaking instead into the spa or doctor’s office.

23). Dining Psychology: Understanding How And Why You Eat Or Overeat
We've all heard the expression that our eyes are bigger than our stomach, but for many that's still no reason to STOP indulging or enjoying their probably way too generous portions. But, experts assert that staying healthy as well as physically fit means listening to your body, eating when you're hungry and, YES, stopping when your are not. And they offer basic tips for calling it quits.

24). The Dating-Game: Rules For Fixing Up Friends
We all know how great it feels to find the mate of your dreams and sharing your life and all its special moments with someone special that we can’t wait to share our good news and our good "fortune" with others.

In fact, we can't wait for all our friends to share in the same happiness we've found and frequently can't help playing the "Good Samaritan" or should I say Cupid.



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