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1). Wet Rooms Are an Exciting Bathroom Concept!
Wet rooms are an exciting bathroom concept - sleek and streamlined they are a spa-like haven, with minimalist fuss-free design.

2). Curtains? Blinds? Panels? Take Your Pick!
Window dressings are an important part of interior design and can really bring together your scheme. With an unlimited supply of fabrics and styles available the possibilities are endless.

3). The London Olympics - Making It Happen
The task for the 2012 London Olympics is so massive that the Construction Skills Network currently believes that the project will need to attract a further 182,000 builders to be ready on time.

4). Make a Grand Entrance With A Welcoming Front Door!
A smart, welcoming front door is always worth spending money on. If you have a period home, then getting a specialist in to get things back to the original is well worth it.

5). Sisters are Today Doing Plumbing by Themselves!
An increasing number of women are training to be plumbers and sorting out bathrooms, kitchens, toilets and heating systems around the country.

6). Technology Wins When It Comes To Washing Dishes
Want to hear some great news? Its more environmentally friendly to use a dishwasher than wash dishes by hand! So throw out those marigolds, get the plumber in, install a dishwasher and get ready for more "me time".

7). Fancy Becoming a Plumber? Here is What it Takes!
Plumbing is a highly qualified, skilled profession so how do you get yourself started? Firstly be patient. It takes three years or more to gain the basic qualifications and you should then work with an experienced plumber for at least a couple of years before starting up on your own. You need knowledge, skills and experience all of which take time to develop.

8). Unique designs - Vacheron Constantin watches
Vacheron Constantin represents one of the most prominent and shining old names in the world of horology with an outstanding heritage and history.
The firm was founded in 1735 by Jean-Marc Vacheron at the age of 24 and has continued keeping its tradition of excellence ever since and its name is a synonym with fine watchmaking and is always spoken with a degree of esteem and respect.

9). Save Energy And Get Funky!
Fluorescent lights no longer provide just a dull flicker. Yes they are the environmental alternative to incandescent light bulbs, but they can also be funky and are a favourite of modern designers.

10). Beautiful On The Outside (As Well As The Inside)
Much is written about interiors - doing up kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms to increase the value of your home. But what can a good builder do to improve the appearance of the outside?

11). Is Advertising In Business Directories A Thing Of The Past?
Paper directories are an expensive, old fashioned and uninspiring approach to getting work. An increasing number of business owners are choosing online listings as a means not only to advertise but also grow their business.

12). Bricks Are More Interesting Than You Think
Bricks are everywhere but few people know their qualities, how they are made or where they originate from. They have been around for millennia, and so have the bricklayers who lay them.

13). Roofs Around the World
Just about every building around the world has a roof, but they vary in shape, materials, durability and construction. Find out why.

14). Put Some "Va Va Voom" Back Into Your Homes!
Chilli hot red! Burnt orange! Aubergine! Pea green! Sky blue! Its time to put some colour back in our homes.

15). MetalWork - An Ancient Art
Metalworkers range from ship builders to bridge construction workers and from fine jewellery makers to producers of intricate parts for electronics manufacturers. So how did it all begin?

16). Keep Burglars Out of Your Home!
Your home should feel safe and secure. The police and security specialists can help you achieve this. A little effort and investment can go a long way to keep out burglars and keep you in the lucky 96% who are never targeted by intruders.

17). Get A New Look With Plaster
Plaster is a more diverse and exciting material than you might think. Even if you have modern plaster it can be made more interesting.

18). Create Your Ultimate Sanctuary...
If kitchens and living rooms are the social hub of a home, then surely bathrooms are the ultimate refuge. Bathrooms are where we spend time alone, pamper and nurture ourselves and enjoy some privacy.

19). Doing Up Bathrooms - Where Does all The Money Go?
200 pounds to do up a bathroom? I think not! Renovating the bathroom is often one of the most expensive jobs when doing up a house - so why is it so expensive?

20). Give Your Builder The Feel Good Factor!
Everyone deserves a little respect - including builders. Increasingly the trade is hitting back at its media-led cowboy image. Many are fed up being labelled as dishonest, shoddy workers. Most are hardworking, honest and take pride in their work and feel its time we all recognised this.

21). Lemon Juice And Vinegar In The Kitchen? Whatever Next??
Many commercially produced cleaners contain chemicals that can irritate your skin and may be harmful when inhaled. Using natural, homemade cleaning products could be the answer.

22). Encourage Visitors to Your Garden
Is your garden your oasis? If so then how can you encourage others to join you? Frogs, birds and insects all need a home and with minimal effort you can invite them into your garden and watch them help you maintain it.

23). Gardens Are a Magical Part of Family Life!
Gardens are a magical part of family life. Some outdoor space, however limited, is a real bonus when you have children. A space to run around in, play with a ball and learn to dig, water and nurture plants is really beneficial to kids growing up.

24). Climate Change Will Inevitably Lead to Changes in The Garden
Climate change is taking its grip on our lives and that includes our gardens. So it makes sense to confront the issue and plan your garden accordingly. While some traditional plants may find the changing conditions tough to cope with others will thrive.

25). Give Your Garden Some Sparkle
Lighting up your garden will make it a really exciting feature of your home - with the help of an electrician and a little design inspiration, you can really add some sparkle to your outdoors.



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