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1). Making a Child's Hand Print on a Ceramic Tile
This is a fun craft to do with a group of moms and their kids, one child per adult works the best. Each mom will need:
---One soft brush, any size but 1/2" works the best
---One tiny 1-ounce jar of "One-Stroke Ceramic underglaze", either Duncan E-Z Stroke or Gare One-Stroke. (Of course they can share these, but it's best if they have at least 3 colors to choose from.

2). How to Brighten Your Decor with Hand-Painted Ceramic Tile
At one time, ceramic tile was only for the wealthy. No more. Today, for the same price as you will pay for manufactured cast resin, imitation

3). Calling All Singles - Cooking for Busy Lives
“If you have the lifestyle where you eat out or order take-out every night, you can really get tired of it and it’s so expensive”, says cooking exper

4). Crate Training Your Puppy
Crate Training for your PuppyTeaching your puppy crate training is the first and best step in his life. It makes all the other steps in his tr

5). Tips for Easy Housebreaking your Puppy
If you are lucky enough to get a 7-week-old puppy, there is no excuse for any bad habits to develop over his lifetime. Puppies learn INSTANTLY whe



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