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1). A Closer Look At Micropayments
During the early days of the Internet, most of the contents found online are provided for free, either by different institutions or universities. As the years go by, the Internet has experienced various innovations. One major factor in the evolution of the Internet is the consumers’ ability to purchase, sell and advertise products and services, a concept that is more commonly referred to as “e-Commerce”.

2). Debunking Wordpress Comment Spam
If you are a blogger, you are definitely familiar with those annoying comment spams. Imagine having to delete hundreds (not an exaggeration) of spam each time you log into your account. It is such an irritating task. You have to manually check which comments are spams and then delete them. If there are five or ten, it is fine. But if there are about hundreds or even thousands of them, it is downright exasperating, more so, time consuming.

3). How To Benchmark For SEO
Benchmark reports in detail the current status of a particular website. It is the first step taken for an Internet market research as an integral component of most optimization service package. The analysis, as contained in the report, provides the current search engine position and rank for the keyword area of a website as well as information on the level and nature of competition in the keyword space.

4). When Wordpress Permalinks 404
The 404/Not Found error message is one of the most hated screens on the Internet; it indicates that though you, the browser, were able to communicate with the server, the page you need was not delivered either because it was not found or because the server for some reason was configured to not fulfill the request (which is happening in some countries with pages containing illegal content).

5). A closer look at Skype’s competitors
With the once loyal fans of Skype and SkypeOut now looking for a new company to service their internet telephony needs, Danny Wirken discovers some interesting truths behind many of the main competitors.

6). Google’s New Micropayment System: Your Wallet Online
Google’s diligent attempt in becoming a leader in e-commerce is unstoppable! After its success on launching various services such as Google Base, Google Earth, Google Store, Google AdWords, Google Video and many others, the search giant is still keen on spreading its wings. This time around their aim is to try their hand on online payment services.

Since early June of last year, various rumors had been circulating on the net about Google’s new payment system.

7). The Wordpress Plugin Repository
WordPress is a great open-development community that encourages its users to innovate. But a few years ago, it started getting hard to keep up with those innovations. That's when the WordPress Plugin Repository was born (currently hosted at

The repository is a place where all WordPress plugins are pulled together and shared with the community of users.

8). The Problem Of Demoting Spam On The Internet: Yahoo!’s Trustrank Approach
TrustRank is an attempt to counter the web spamming activities that threatens to deceive search engines’ ranking algorithms. It propagates trust among web pages in the same manner that PageRank propagates authority. However, tests would show that the combination of trust and distrust values have greater ability to demote spam sites than with the use of trust values alone.

9). How To Eliminate Wordpress Blog Comment Spam
One of the most serious problems with any blogging system, including WordPress, is that the comments area is wide open to that scourge of the Internet, spammers. In this case, it's comment spam.

Comment spam is created by people seeking to boost their Google rankings by having lots of links pointing to their own websites. This causes a wide variety of problems:

• When Google detects content spam, they will often block the site it's coming from because it messes up their ranking system.

10). XML: A Solution To Online Ads
Throughout the history of advertising, it has always been the prerogative of the advertiser as to the form and features of their ads. The media, however, set limits as far as conventions are concerned.

Publications have to be confined within the dimensions of their pages – or the thickness of the folds for some enterprising ad artworks – and keep to the colors they can print in their presses.

11). Cartoons And Blogs
Who says a blog can’t be humorous? It can be. In fact, it should be regardless of the subject matter tackled. Everybody needs a good laugh. Humor is something that people inherently crave to experience and at the same time want to share and what better way than with cartoons.

A blog is an online diary made up of short, frequently updated entries or posts that are arranged in reverse chronological order.

12). Skype’s plummet - customer service freefall
With the recent takeover of Skype by Ebay, Danny Wirken asks if Skype has forgotten to pack it’s parachute.

With the internet booming in sales of products such as the Skype phone or free Skype download, the company is enjoying more publicity than ever

13). How To Block Direct Image Linking Using .htaccess
Most of us have a specified limit to the amount of traffic our web servers will handle for us. That limit seems very generous – until you start looking at image downloads and the bandwidth required. A few dozen users downloading an image – that's one thing. But what if you have an image that dozens of other websites like?

Worst-case scenario: suppose you run a site that gets hold of a picture taken by an Iraqi soldier of an incident that gains a lot of media attention.

14). eBay Auction
eBay – the World’s Online Marketplace – is the place to go when you want to buy or sell anything on the Internet. eBay lets its members sell items on the Internet via Auctions, which entails bidding, and through the Fixed Price Format, which means that there is a set price for items on sale. eBay Auction is the more popular selling method between the two.

15). Bandwidth Robbery Through Hotlinking
Have you heard of hotlinking? It's the number-one method that bandwidth is stolen from you by other web designers, and it can cost you a lot of money. It involves creating a direct link to a website's non-HTML files in such a way that these files are embedded on another person's page.

For instance, imagine that you have created one of the best adult sites online.

16). How To Podcast Using Wordpress
Podcasting is the next step up from blogging. While blogging is done by armies of pajama-clad ordinary people, podcasting is done by many of these same people, though less often in pajamas, in front of a digital or audio recorder. Short pieces are recorded, then distributed via RSS 2.0 or Atom to their website, typically a blog site. Listeners and viewers can then download podcasts using podcast clients.

17). Outsourcing The Building Of Websites To Low Wage Countries
Understanding Outsourcing

Outsourcing is the delegation of tasks or jobs from internal production to an external entity. At present standards, it has become more related to hiring the services of staff overseas where salaries are markedly low as compared to the local existing standards. It is primarily done by companies to save money, improve quality or free company resources for more important activities.

18). Combining Subscribe Button With A Help Button
Most sites, especially blogs have feeds associated with them, but Internet users do not know what a feed is or how to use it. You’ve probably seen the little orange button with white writing (XML,RSS, Feeds, Syndicate This Site) on a web page or blog post. If you are a non-techie, you must have wondered what this little button is for. To ensure that Internet users know what a feed is, Dave Winer, RSS creator, advocates the use of one simple and universal button Subscribe, which leads to feeds rather than using XML, RSS, Feeds, etc.

19). Joining The Conversation
Brand marketing is all about enhancing the mindshare of one's products or services. The aim is for your brand name to be at the top of the consumer's mind at the mere mention of generic terms relating to your company's services.

20). Just How Important Are Technorati Tags And Wordpress Categories
Taking into account that search engines are currently the principal means for accessing blogs in the Internet, having one’s blog listed among the top result of a search query is paramount in order to drive traffic to one’s blog. To help boost your blog’s ranking for search engine, here is a tip that any webmaster worth his salt can tell you: Think of the most probable keywords or tags that will be used to search for your blog and then make sure to include these words in your blog post.

21). Commission Junction Affiliate Review
Company Overview:

Is the Internet a good venue for getting online leads and sales? Oftentimes, online merchants are disappointed or disheartened and end up reverting to traditional media for their advertising needs. Creating a website is not enough. Submitting the URL (with appropriate Meta tags and keywords to make the site searchable) is not enough.

22). Understanding Support Vector Machines (SVMs) Classifiers
The past couple of years witnessed the increased applications of statistical methods in different fields and for different purposes. These differences made the deficiencies of the existing methods apparent. However, it was not until the Internet became a hit in 1990 that the dissatisfaction with the then current statistical methods considerably grew since the methods are proving to be more and more disadvantageous.

23). Better Ways To Advertise In The Future
As the marketplace evolves so do marketing strategies and advertising methods. Newer and better ways are devised to advertise or promote products and services to a consumer base whose expectations are getting harder and harder to meet and whose attention spans are getting shorter by the minute. Advertisers are met with these challenges as well as the added problem of people’s negative attitude towards advertising.

24). Goodbye Skype – Hello Competition
They’ve taken their time but there are now a plethora of companies offering quality competition to the Skype world of internet VoIP telephony. Danny Wirken takes a closer look.

25). Wordpress Version 2.0.3 Review
WordPress, the premier free open-source blogging utility, has gone through several upgrades in its life. Today it's one of the most popular blogging tools on the Internet; it's easy to use, powerful, and very versatile. It also has a very active base of skilled users who are eager to improve the product and to help out those who haven't tried it before.

26). Why Search Engines Are Adverse To Identical Content
Reasons for Replicating Data

According to a study done by Krishna Bharat and Andrei Brodner there are several reasons why data are replicated or why mirror sites are created – Load Balancing, High Availability, Multi-lingual replication, Franchises or Local versions, Database Sharing, Virtual Hosting, and Maintaining Pseudo Identities.

In load balancing, replication of data is done to decrease the servers’ loads.

27). No Money To Start An Online Business? Yes, It’s Possible!
If someone were to tell you that you can start your own business that would go beyond the traditional geographic boundaries without needing a large cash outlay, would you believe him? You better, because as change occurs in all other aspects of life, so does change happen in how people do business. One of the newer business models with very high potential is found on the Internet.

28). Yahoo Search Marketing For Advertisers
For an advertiser, penetrating more media with their advertising message is the best way of disseminating that message to as many people as possible. Of course, the problem with traditional advertising media, like broadcast and print is that although you can identify the demographic that you want to target, you are still not so sure that it will be reaching that demographic at the right time.

29). Mobile Shopping Search - The Next Trend?
Shopping Search on the Internet

Search engines have revolutionized the way people look for information. A huge success in the Internet, search has made people dependent on it that people use search engines to do everything from research to shopping. Shoppers find great deals and stores just by searching for products they are interested in. However, most shoppers find it taxing and irritating to have to enter their personal information for every store they find through search where they want to buy something from.

30). Outsourcing Relationship
Outsourcing is the delegation of tasks or jobs from internal production to an external and separate business partner, very much like a subcontractor. By present standards and definition, it became the equivalent of elimination of local staff in favor of staff overseas to countries where salaries are considerably lower. Countries such as India, Bulgaria, Venezuela and Brazil, among others have become forerunners as outsourcing venues.

31). Apple Tiger vs Windows Vista
Microsoft’s next-generation operating system is coming in early 2007, offering improvements that are both impressive and unprecedented in the Windows world. On Apple’s side of the world, Tiger, the 5th incarnation of Apple’s legendary OS X operating system is still up to challenge as to what Vista has to offer, even if it’s already two years old.


32). Google's Tag To Remove Content Spamming
Content spamming, in its simplest form, is the taking of content from other sites that rank well on the search engines, and then either using it as-it-is or using a utility software like Articlebot to scramble the content to the point that it can't be detected with plagiarism software. In either case, your good, search-engine-friendly content is stolen and used, often as part of a doorway page, to draw the attention of the search engines away from you.

33). Google’s Query Refinements
Search engines aim to provide the most relevant results in response to queries but limitations can be seen on what is actually returned based on the queries used. Search queries can either be too specific or too general for search engines to recognize good results. Google has filed patent applications regarding alternative query terms or query refinements to offer a solution.

34). The Best Places To Put SEO-Friendly Links
There are four usual locations of links. Links can either be placed at top-left of the document, at the bottom of the document, at the same height corresponding with the document or embedded within a document. Each link arrangement has its own set of believers as with regards to its efficiency in relation to SEOs.

Discussions on Individual Efficiency


35). Comparing And Expanding The Use Of Google And Yahoo Alerts

Google’s search engine undoubtedly changed the world of search and the Internet by storm when it first came out. With its simple design and fast relevant results Google fast became the number one search engine in existence and Google soon became a household name. Yahoo! and other search engines were clearly affected, but with Yahoo’s wide range of product offerings Yahoo was still safe and had their own niche.

36). How Google Matches Up Adwords Advertisers With Websites Displaying Adsense
Introduction to Adwords and Adsense

Google Adwords and Adsense are two sides of the same coin. They work hand in hand to deliver targeted ads to prospective customers and create revenue for advertisers, website owners, and of course - Google.

Adwords is a targeted ad system offered by Google to advertisers. Advertisers submit a list of keywords or phrases for their ads, which triggers them to be shown on a website or in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs).

37). Cheap Weekend Break
One of the most significant aspects of vacation travel in Europe has been the recent explosion of interest in the short break vacation market. No-frills airlines have led the way to opening up cheap routes from London and regional airports to destinations all over Europe. A short weekend break in some thrilling city has now become a viable alternative to sitting home in front of the television set.

38). Adsense That Works
People unconsciously ignore ads, not because they aren’t interested in the products or services that are being offered, but a natural instinct to focus on the material they’re reading and block out “distractions”. Remember: they’re on the web to look for information. That can be a particular song they want to download, an article on their favorite celebrity, or a chicken recipe they can cook for dinner.

39). How To Know If It Is A Link Farm Spam Page
A link farm is a network of sites that link to other sites for the sole purpose of increasing link popularity. This is when a website gets hundreds of links to unrelated sites in exchange for reciprocal links. This is termed as spamming and any website who relates to link farms is penalized by removal from a search engine’s index.

Backgrounder on Link Farms

Link farms were originally developed by search engine optimizers to take advantage of the Inktomi search engine’s dependence on link popularity.

40). How To Successfully Market Your Business Weblog
Have you ever thought of the tremendous possibilities offered by business blogs? A content that can be spread through the entire network or an audience and that can be built overnight seems like an impossible feat. Marketing just got a little more exciting with the advent of blogs for business use.

Blogs in Relation to Business

Blogs or weblogs are dated journals on the Internet that play a huge role in search results.

41). Wordpress And Content Management System: How To Make It Work
Since the release of WordPress, web users have customized this blogging software to suit their own needs. On of the most established needs in today’s computing world is the need for content management, particularly, a Content Management System (CMS). With its rich set of features and flexibility, WordPress can be customized into a major CMS.

Content Management System

Content management can be described as the process of creating, managing and publishing online content sans any programming or technical skills.

42). 20 Million Bloggers And Counting – The Stats Of The Blogosphere
It is confirmed. The Blogosphere continues to grow at a pace no one has anticipated. In fact, it would be very difficult to quote a number as the total tends to change by the second of every day.

The Blogosphere Report

According to the State of the Blogosphere report as of February 2006, Technorati is tracking 27.2 million weblogs and is expected to double about every 5.

43). How About Some Customer Service. Please!!
Communication is one of the most important industries in the world. People have a need to talk, to get in touch with their friends and family, no matter where they are in the world. We started with letters sent with any individual traveling in that direction, which progressed to the postal system. With the advent of the Internet, we exchanged snail mail for email and later instant messengers

Somehow though, it just wasn’t enough.

44). The Latest Patent Applications: Kernel Of Technological Advancement
The value of freedom in a country is priceless. If one country has freedom of speech and thought then they are sure to have a bright future ahead of them. How so? If a society has freedom of thought then they are free to explore their interests or whatever else that may pique their curiosity, which could eventually lead them to great knowledge and amazing discoveries.

45). The Changing Game Of Marketing Online

The marketplace, along with its customers, is ever changing. The trend has changed from simply selling available products to customers who do not have many options to selling products that the customers seek and have a need for. The marketplace has become customer-oriented with the customers in the seat of power.

As the marketplace changes, so is there a need for change in marketing strategies.

46). Embedded Ads In MP3s? Apple’s New Marketing Ploy
The Internet has definitely revolutionized our lives. From shopping to communicating to the way we listen to music – all these aspects of our lives have changed dramatically due to the Internet. It has been said that music is the universal language. It is probably more so now, as music can easily be shared all over the world, transcending traditional geographic barriers.

47). Know Your Earthquakes
An earthquake is characterised by vibrations generated in the crust of the Earth during the sudden rupture of rocks that accumulated elastic strain and then rebounds. The vibrations produced can vary from hardly perceptible to appallingly damaging. Earthquakes have the potential of releasing energy.

48). Addressing Emotions: Live Chat And Customers
When people buy things, the decision to actually purchase is a combination of logic and desire. That latter half of the buying process is clinched and what the web seems to lacking – some heart.

If you leave a visitor on his own to buy from your site, what would encourage him to make the actual purchase? How do you nudge the ones who have doubts?

Searches are not enough.

49). Google’s Forecast For A Speedier Internet
Google is currently the top search engine company in the industry, both in terms of market share and technology. To reach the top spot in an Industry which analysts predict could balloon in to a multi-billion dollar one, it took a Google that has an abundant supply of innovation, great foresight and to a big extent, a stealthily-developed arsenal of.

50). The Wordpress 1.5 Strayhorn Review
It's widely agreed among users that the Strayhorn upgrade of WordPress was the best upgrade they ever did. The extensive user community of WordPress all gave input, and the Strayhorn upgrade not only does everything they asked for, but also does it all well. In addition, the dozens of plugins to expand the capabilities of your blog system give you one of the best and most complete blogs available today.

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