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1). Big Dig Tragedy-Video Review Shows Difficulty Installing Ceiling Panels
I’m sitting in my production suite making DVDs from Big Dig video of tunnel construction and watching men without hard hats hang ceiling panels in the Ted Williams Tunnel. They give hardy handshakes to a Bechtel supervisor who stops by to glad hand and ignores the obvious OSHA violations. I can not help but wonder what other safety measures were overlooked in the cozy friendships of project managers and contractor field supervisors.

2). Take Smart Walks-Improve Mental Ability With Daily Exercise For Mental and Physical Fitness
Fitness is not mental or physical, it is both. Exercises for brain and body can have a profound impact on health, aging and longevity. Research is continuously adding to our understanding of the complex interactions between the brain and physical fitness. Basically through the work of people like Dr. Monique Le Poncin, the founder of the French National Institute for Research on the Prevention of Cerebral Aging and Dr.

3). The CAT Magic Show
The gushing and fawning by Boston columnists over how quickly Governor Mitt Romney mastered the nuts and bolts of Big Dig information is frightening. I think his new found leadership is a diversion. In a slick show of “control” over the Central Artery Tunnel fiasco, Mitt commands respect with a flick of his magic pointer. The media swoon. It looks like a Boston rendition of Chicago; Bechtel as Roxie Hart kept safe and comfy in the lap of master puppeteer Mitt Romney, playing Billy Flynn.

4). Pond Weed Clean-Up, A Neighborhood Effort
After answering several inquiries regarding our success at eradicating weeds from Sluice Pond and raising funds to establish weed control, I thought an article describing a successful process would help others in Massachusetts and New England.

A brief history-Sluice Pond is a 50+ acre body of water with approximately 165 homes that abut the pond. Sluice Pond, fed by the Cedar Brook and natural springs, is one of five ponds located 10 miles Northeast of Boston that meander in a “Strawberry Necklace” through Lynn, MA to the Atlantic.

5). CA/Tastrophe In Our Future?
Construction materials from the Central Artery / Tunnel demolition and excavation from the early days of the nation’s largest public works project may prove central to the Big Dig’s construction problems. Recycled into project concrete, could the contaminated dirt cause multi-million gallon tunnel leaks and 3-ton concrete slabs suspended overhead to.

6). Help Yourself to Peace of Mind
Unable to find peace of mind? Are you too stressed to relax? Worried about losing mental ability as you age? Unable to get out of the rut your life has become? Revolutionary brain imaging technology guides mental exercise routines that can change your outlook, your health and the rest of your life. Be happier, more carefree and relaxed than you thought possible with simple, easy to understand programs.



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