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Barbara Gabogrecan Profile and Articles


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1). 7 Ways You Can Make Super Sales in 2007
Seven ways to help the Micro and Home Based Businesses increase their sales are looked at with the main positive and negative points discussed.

2). You Can Spoil Your Dog But Don't Ruin It!
A brief historical look at how we used to train our dogs with a free e-book on current training methods.

3). The Customer Is King
Explaining the importance of looking after existing customers and building of 'word of mouth' for exposure and growth of your business.

4). Awards Are A Great Marketing Tool
Demonstrating how entering and/or winning awards can make your business a 'super business'.

5). A Marketing Tool That Really Works
Email marketing is a cost effective, quick, reliable and easy way for the Micro and Home Based Business sector to promote and brand their business.

6). Business Coaching That Counts
Comparing mentors with business coaches and figuring out how to find the right coach for your needs.

7). How To Write For Children And Win Over Parents
Authors are shown an innovative way to write for the enjoyment of children while satisfying the desire of parents that their children be educated during their pleasure pursuits e.g. reading

8). Changing Your Career Path
Trainers are needed for the new entrepreneurs but these trainers need relevant, practical information. A solution could be to license content from the experts.

9). Success By Example
Do you need a mentor or a business coach? Or are you better off without either? You can learn the power of achieving success by example.

10). Sales That Sizzle
Advertising is about communicating information to encourage sales. The magic of using the right words and knowing best where to use them, can make a big difference to your sales.

11). Reduce Effort, Stress And Risk When Starting A Business
Suggestions as to easy ways to ensure business success, when starting a business, by reducing stress and sharing knowledge.

12). Animals Make A Great Marketing Tool
Use your pets to create zany, outside the square marketing tactics that can bring amazing results; increase your profile, increase your sales and strengthen your brand

13). Is Craft Really Art?
A discussion on the value of craft as opposed to art. Showing how solving a problem can enhance creativity and make the resulting work more enjoyable.



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