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1). How Much Can Water Damage Affect The Value Of Your Home
Water damage and mold growth can seriously affect the overall value of your home, but are you aware of just how much?

2). Do Not Let Electric Space Heaters Cause A Fire This Winter
Space heaters are a wonderful convenience to have during the wintertime, but there is a trade-off.

3). Smoke And Oil Damage From Cooking
Cleaning the kitchen with soap and water is simply not strong enough to clean up the heavy-duty stains, particularly those made from the oil that you cook your foods with.

4). The Many Uses Of Smoke Bombs
They have often been used in war, but do you know the other uses of these tools?

5). The Woes Of Teenage Relationships
Teen love usually ends in pain for a large number of teenagers and can actually end up being damaging.

6). What You Should Do If You Get Water In Your Gas Tank
I have heard many stories about ways to deal with this issue, but here is what I learned.

7). Accidents Come In Many Different Forms
There are a lot of different ways that accidents can happen to us, but auto accidents may be the most common.

8). Finding Fire And Passionate Daydreams With Historic Romance Novels
Almost everyone knows someone that reads them, but really, what is the appeal of the historic romance novel?

9). Do You Have Mold Living In Your Mattresses
Mattresses are prone to mold infestations due to the nature of the enviorment, make sure you are informed and know how to keep it clean.

10). The Two Types Of Toilet Water
Many have never heard of different types of toilet water, but you may be suprised.

11). What Will You Do If Your Water Pipes Freeze This Winter
If you do accidentally allow your water pipes to freeze and burst this winter, there are some things you can do to repair it or at least control the damage.

12). Important Facts About Hard Water You Need To Know
Some do not even know what hard water is or how it can affect you and your family, so we are here to give you the basics.

13). The Most Stupid Habit In The World Must Be Smoking
It is the easiest title I have ever come up with because it is truth , read for yourself why.

14). Birds Migrate To The Same Water Every Year
Many birds migrate on a yearly basis, but do you know why?

15). Preventing Your Pipes From Freezing In The Winter
During the wintertime, water pipes in your home can freeze and then burst when they thaw out in the spring, but there are ways to prevent this from happening.

16). Why Does A Sunburn Make Your Skin Feel Like It Is On Fire
I understand that most know the meaning of sunburn, but do you know why it gives the burning sensation?

17). Dead Leaves And Tree Branches Can Be Used To Fuel A Fire At Your House
Keeping your front and back yards clean will not only help keep it looking great, but you can also make use of the debris.

18). The Hazards Of Hair Dyes
Many people use hair dyes to make themselves look better or younger, but they can cause skin problems in some people.

19). How To Survive Smoke Inhalation During A Fire
When most people think of dying because of a house fire, they think of being engulfed in flames, but the more likely cause of death is smoke inhalation.

20). Do Renters Have Rights Concerning A Moldy Residence
The short answer is yes, but know what you are dealing with to get the best and desirable results to correct the problem.

21). Start Bailing America Because Big Companies In Hot Water Are Squealing For Help
Why should we the people pay a 35 k tab for corperate gain?

22). Does Your Fireplace Let Smoke In The House
Fireplaces are wonderful things to have in the winter, but almost everyone who has one has failed in the attempt to make sure the smoke goes up the chimney.

23). How Water Pollution Causes Deformities Of Fish And Other Environmental Problems
Water pollution is has become a serious problem in the United States, but real evidence of this can be found in our rivers and lakes.

24). 6 Ways American Homeowners Are Battling Water And Mold Damage
Does global warming have anything to do with this recent rash of disasters, or is it just that we are becoming aware due to more media coverage?

25). Better Plumbing And Drainage Means Less Risk Of Water Damage
By simply checking the state of the plumbing in your home, you can save yourself possibly hundreds of dollars or more on repairs later.

26). Bee Stings Can Make Your Skin Feel On Fire
Everybody knows that bee stings can be very painful, but how can they be treated?

27). Do Not Let Home Heating Cause A Fire
There are a lot of ways to start a fire inside a home, but the winter is one of the worst times for this to happen.

28). What Is Black Ice And How Does It Affect Cars And Trucks
Black ice is something that is refered to by many truckers and all mororist in general, but what is it?

29). Preventing Hypothermia And Frostbite
When winter comes, being careful when you are outside for long periods of time is crucial to prevent long term damage to your body.

30). How Indians Used Smoke As Communication
And Indians are not the only ones that use smoke to communicate, so learn more about the history of smoke signals.

31). Water Damage And Its Causes
There are a lot of things that can happen in your home to cause water damage and here are just a few of them.

32). Which Type Of Caulking Best Stops Water Damage
There are so many choices tese days that you may make a mistake if you are not informed.

33). Liquor Can Set Your Insides On Fire
There are reasons why itis sometimes refered to as rot gut. It can set your body and sould on fire in bad ways, and it is flamable.

34). Home Values Plummet When Mold Is Discovered
Finding mold in your home is one of the last things you want to do, but if you do, you might be in trouble when you go to sell your home later.

35). Fire Sprinkler Systems And Their Use
If you own a business, one of the best investments that you could make is a fire sprinkler system.

36). How To Prepare For Going Camping
When you are getting ready to take your family camping (or just yourself), there are a number of things you might want to take along and things you need to do when you get there.

37). What You Need to Do When Your Grout Has Mold Problems
It does not matter what the grout is holding, but it will be much better off without the mold, so here is how to clean it.

38). How To Prevent And Get Rid Of Pests In Your Home
Almost all homes have a pest problem at one point or another and there are a few ways for you to prevent it from happening to you.

39). Friendly Fire -- Why Does It Happen
Not many people realize this, but every year our troops actually kill some of our own people due to "friendly fire".

40). The Real Consequences Of Smoking Tobacco And Marijuana
Is one worse than the other, or are they both equaly bad for you?

41). Ornaments For Every Season
No matter what holiday you celebrate, there are decorations to help you tell the world.

42). The Business Of Factoring & How It Works
Factoring, also known as accounts receivable factoring, is a business term used to describe a method in which companies sell their outstanding receivable invoices in order to gain immediate cash for their business. When a company sells a product or service, an invoice is created stating the amount due and the number of days in which the invoice must be paid.

43). The Vital Part Drinking Water Plays In Our Health
Everyone knows that drinking water is healthy for them, but not many people can explain exactly why.

44). Planting Trees Too Near Foundations Can Cause Water Damage
If you love a lot of foliage around your home, you may want to be careful about planting it too close to the house.

45). Working Clay With Wind, Fire, And Water
Feeling artistic and imaginative? Perhaps you can experiment with one of the oldest art mediums!

46). Well Water And Why People Use It
While some people use well water instead of city water, there are both benefits and drawbacks.

47). Using Water As The Last Means Of Killing Mice
The threat of mice is always present when you live in the country side or next to crop fields, but even more so during the winter months as they seek refuge from the cold.

48). Exploring The Different Wood Chips For Smoking Foods
Smoking foods has a long history, and is still just as popular today, but the options are much better these days.

49). Water Damaged Ceilings Can Cause Untold Carnage In Your Life And Health
Learn more about this and what you can do to prevent the trouble.

50). Selling Smoking And Tobacco Products Banned in San Francisco Pharmacies
Some big name pharmacies in San Francisco are upset because of a new law in town that prohibits them from selling tobacco. Is this our government being concerned for the safety of the people or is it a government pushing the limits of its power?

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