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Tips For Laying Vinyl Flooring

By:Aaron Crawford

Vinyl floors are durable and they are affordable. For years people have been choosing vinyl for all of the great benefits that it provides. This kind of floor covering can be used in your kitchen or your bathroom and it will look great. No matter what the d‚cor is in your home you can find vinyl floors that will match to perfection because there are hundreds, no thousands of different styles and colors to choose from.

Here are some basic tips to keep in mind when you choose vinyl flooring for your home:

Make sure the floors are smooth
Before you put down vinyl flooring the sub surface needs to be flat and smooth. Vinyl is rolled over once put down and any bumps that are under there will show up horribly. Any depressions that you see in the sub floor can be filled with flooring compound and left to dry. You can then start putting down the vinyl.

Choose the best adhesive
Never buy cheap adhesive. It is worth the money to get the good stuff. You do not want to see your floors bubbling or peeling at the edges. Cheap adhesive can also lead to discoloration problems. You may find the colors bleeding and fading with bad adhesive and this will cause the floors to lose their beauty quickly. The adhesive that you choose should bond well to the floor under the vinyl and the vinyl itself. Ask at the store for the best adhesive. You may also want to read about some online in order to see what kinds other people liked and didn't like.

Follow the adhesive instructions
Follow the instructions on the adhesive to the letter when laying vinyl flooring. This is essential if you want to have your flooring stick to the floor for years to come. If all goes the way that is should you will not need a new floor for years and years. Don't just skim the instructions, read them carefully!

Follow other instructions too!
There are rules that need to be followed when putting vinyl flooring down in your home. All of these guidelines need to be followed perfectly for the whole process to go quickly and smoothly.

Learn the proper way to cut vinyl
You have a couple of choices when it comes to cutting your vinyl flooring. You can go with the handy dandy box cutter or you can get a vinyl floor tile cutter. The box cutter is great for people who have the experience behind them whereas the tile cutter is better for the newbies. These can be rented from many hardware stores so you do not need to spend the big money to buy them.

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