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What Will You Do If Your Water Pipes Freeze This Winter

By:Aydan Corkern

Winter time can be brutal in some parts of our country when there is freezing rain and snow going on. Roads can be slippery and hazardous and many times become impassable all together. Some people can be snowed in for days without heat or electricity with no way to get anywhere else especially in rural areas. Another hazard of winter time weather is frozen water pipes.

While many people who live in areas where pipe freezing is common in cold weather, if they are smart and have experienced the problem before, they will take precautions against it. For those who do not take precautions to protect their pipes, this can be just one more winter worry they can add to their list.

Water pipes become vulnerable to freezing when the frigid air is able to get to them. This can come from foundation air vents being left open and pipes not being insulated or wrapped with heat tape. Taking these precautions and preparing your pipes in the warmer weather can significantly reduce the risk of freezing pipes. Of course, it is not to late to take these precautions even after cold weather has arrived, but it is really not that much fun to have to crawl under your house and insulate pipes when it is so cold outside.

The problem with frozen pipes does not come while the pipes are frozen. When pipes freeze up with water in the lines, it causes the water to expand as it freezes. This causes pressure on the pipes themselves and the places where they are joined. It can break the pipes or cause the joints to separate and often expose frozen water in the pipe. When the water thaws out and runs freely once again, it can flood out where ever the break or rupture happens to be, inside the home or outside the home.

When the break is outside like under the house, it might not cause damage to anything but the ground, but if the break is inside the home or even in the basement, it can cause a lot of damage. The water in the home will have to be shut off until the problem is fixed and this might not be so easy to do in the dead of winter when roads might be impassable. If you do not have the skills it takes to make repairs your self, you could end up waiting for days for a plumber to get to your home and the bill is not likely to be pretty.

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