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Top MLM Companies List

By:Daegan Smith

Want to venture in an MLM business? First, one needs a company where one can invest. Here is a list of MLM companies that an aspiring MLM businessman can choose from. These companies can be trusted in terms of financial stability. They also offer great income opportunities for hardworking individuals. Some of these companies have been in the business for as long as over a century while the youngest of these firms have been running for at least three years already. The list is arranged in alphabetical order.

ACN- This firm is a leading, less expensive alternative in Telecommunication Services. They offer internet, long distance and local telephone services as well as other utility services. They provide more than the usual support for their valued distributors and they have a very professional-looking website.

Arbonne Business Opportunity- The company markets personal care products based on natural and botanical principles. Their products include skin care products, aromatherapy and nutrition products.

Cognigen- Cognigen is one of a few companies which offer free registration for aspiring distributors/sales agents. They offer telecommunication services such as local and long distance, T1 lines, cell phones, among the many others.

Eniva- Eniva is an eight-year-old company and is steadily growing. Their best selling product is VIBE liquid nutritional supplement.

Financial Freedom Society Inc. (FFSI)- Originally named Retire Quickly, this firm has grown and diversified its offerings. A one-of-a-kind edge of FFSI is that income opportunities and products are all ready made for multiple markets.

FreeLife- The company features nutritional supplements and vitamins developed through the efforts of Dr. Earl Mindell. A special feature product of FreeLife is the Himalayan Goji Juice.

Isagenix- Isagenix is a fast-growing company specializing in nutritional needs. Their advertising and recruitment campaigns are effective and Isagenix sales representatives are truly enthusiastic about the company.

Life Force International- This company markets liquid nutritional products derived from whole-food. This firm reports that 60 percent of the total product purchases are paid to members as bonuses and commissions.

Market America- Market America sells a wide variety of products which appeal to a lot of distributors.

Mannatech- This firm was recently hailed by Business Week as Top 10 Hottest Growth Company. Mannatech is financially srong and manned by a strong and experienced management. This company has an excellent reputation in the health and wellness industry.

Mary Kay- Mary Kay provides one of the best MLM opportunities with their products.

NuSkin (with Big Planet and Pharmanex)- This company is one of the best and oldest. They provide personal care products such as nutritionals, skin care products as well as internet services.

PrePaid Legal- This is one pioneering company reaping much success. It provides great opportunity for businessmen with contacts in usually underserved communities, insurance agents, employers and financial advisors.

Reliv- One health and wellness firm on the rise. It recently landed on Fortune and Business Week's list of Top 20 best and fastest growing small companies.

Shaklee- One of the first firms to start network marketing. Shaklee nutritional products have been trusted for decades already.

Southern Living at Home- Owned and financially supported by Time Warner.

USANA Health Sciences- Hailed by Forbes and Business Week as a "Top 5" Small Business. USANA Health Sciences was also voted as the top marketing company by MLM Insider for eight years straight.

Usborne Books at Home- Seller of superb books. Usborne offers great network marketing possibilities.

Watkins- Watkins one-of-a-kind natural products have gained good reputation and have been in the market for over 136 years already. Their products are noted for their wholesome feel.

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