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Azek Trim Adds Value To Your Home

By:Bob Prezzano

Beautiful, well-styled house trim can bring your home to life and increase its resale value. One product, Azek Trim provides inspiration to architectural designers so they can design homes that appeal to homeowners and suit the architectural style of the particular home. From adding classic accents to historic homes or giving a new home an impressive finish, Azek trim has so many features to offer the home craftsman.

There are a lot of reasons why builders prefer Azek trim. Perhaps the foremost preference is due to its material consistency. It mills consistently and provides the look of real wood, not a plastic appearance. It can be laminated, routed, shaped, and bent into any form needed for the exterior house application. Builders prefer this type of material for the cost savings in application.

Historic Colonial Buildings
What really makes Azek Trimboard very popular is how it works so well on historic buildings. Since it can be milled so well, it can be crafted into a finished product that replicates trim on New England historic buildings. The various historic period architectures all have their stylistic nuance and unique shapes, and Azek can be milled to mimic those styles very well. Pediments, cupolas, corbels and brackets, spires or elaborate facades can all be designed with the Azek product. With Azek, you're getting the appearance of real, clear wood boards and a product with superior durability. Another important advantage is how it can be fastened close to the edge without splitting, unlike wood. Again, maintenance and repair costs are going to be lessened.

Unlike real wood trim products, Azek Trim won't split, twist, rot, warp, or deteriorate under extreme weather conditions. That keeps maintenance costs under control, which is a critical issue for historic building renovators and administrators. Cellular PVC has many advantages built in at the production level. Boards come in 18 foot lengths so fewer seams appear in the finished applications. It's flexible and strong, and it takes nails, screws, staples, and glue well. You can work with Azek using traditional woodworking tools and the product can be painted, although it rarely needs to be painted.

Beautiful Versatile House Finish Product
Builders use Azek Trim for all their finishing work including: moulding, casing, fascia, soffit, wainscoting, cornerboard, ceilings, doorjambs, rakes, frieze, and more. It is available in standard trim, beadboard, and sheet sizes.

AZEK comes in a traditional finish, which has a smooth, semi-matte white finish on both sides. Another style is AZEK Frontier. It has a rustic texture on one side and a smooth finish on the other side. This reversible product features all of the same product benefits as the traditional Azek style. You can find the Azek line of products at many lumberyards throughout New England, in VT, MA, NH, CT, RI, and NY.

Traditional House Trim
Fascia, soffits and trim around doors and windows normally have wood products used in them. Even when the house or building has wood, stucco, vinyl, cedar, brick, or stone siding, the usual practice is to utilize real wood for trim. The obvious problem with wood trim is the need for regular maintenance and repainting. Maintaining wood trim is a labor-intensive and costly part of any exterior finish work. When real wood products are not well maintained, their condition deteriorates and they may need extensive sanding before repainting or staining. Just the fact that it has to be refinished every few years should give you second thoughts about using real wood. There is a psychological-driven preference for real wood trim, despite the fact that wood will increase the long-term costs. The reality is that cellular PVC products are going to maintain their condition and appearance longer, resulting in substantial savings in time and money.

Azek Boards
Look at these features of AZEK cornerboards: They have the look, feel, and sound of clear lumber with a seam that will never open. They provide a combination of consistency and uniformity throughout with no voids, and durability with a miter-locked seam that will never open. Resistance to moisture and insects makes it great for ground contact applications. Azek corner boards are manufactured in natural semi-matte white, the most popular trim color and finish, however they can be painted a custom color. Their cornerboards complement all housing exteriors from primed cedar siding to brick exteriors.

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