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What You Need To Know Before Buying Kitchen Sinks

By:April Kerr

Before choosing and buying a kitchen sink, these are some of the basic things you should know. Kitchen sinks have three major designs: the single bowl, the double bowl and the triple bowl sink. The names of the designs indicate how many sink bowls they have. The double bowl, which is said to be the most common, may have different-sized bowls or identical-sized ones. The double bowl design allows you to do two things at once. A sponge can be placed in the third bowl in the triple bowl design.

When considering which form your kitchen sink should be, consider the space allotted for it. If it is not very big, consider using the single bowl since a double or triple bowl design may not allow for a large container to fit. The depth of the bowl is also important. Deeper sinks lessen splashes but it may increase the need for bending over the sink. Also, take into account the under-counter space when determining the proper bowl depth.

Another aspect of kitchen sink design is mounting. With a top-mount sink, a hole is cut into the countertop and the sink is placed in it, with its edges resting on the countertop. An under-mount sink, on the other hand, is attached to the countertop from below. In contrast to the top-mount sink, the edges of the countertop surrounding the sink must be cleanly cut since they are visible. Sealants are also used to ensure that under-mount set-up is watertight. Another kind of mount is the apron kitchen sink. It is so called because it has an "apron" that hangs over the side of the countertop where the sink is perched.

Various materials can be used to make kitchen sinks. One of the most common materials used for sinks is stainless steel. This is a good quality material that rates well in terms of durability, cost-effectiveness and maintenance. This kind of sink is quite sturdy and good quality stainless steel sinks are generally not as noisy some people would expect. Another material used for kitchen sinks is porcelain on cast iron. This material is unaffected by heat or cold but it can be damaged by forceful blows.

Enamel on cast iron or on steel is another alternative. They are resistant to heat and cold and they are easy to clean but like porcelain, heavy blows can damage the sink. If the enamel is damaged, the underlying metal is prone to rusting. There are also kitchen sinks made of solid materials like granite. These are matched with countertop materials to create a chic, modern look. Scratches on these materials can be removed through sanding. The downside of this material, however, is the fact that some of them can crack under heavy force.

Another thing to consider when choosing sinks is the tapping arrangement. If you intend on having many sink accessories, such as a sprayer and a soap dispenser, you have to consider how they will be arranged around the sink bowl. Function is more important than form. What may look good is not necessarily what is best for you and your kitchen, so choose wisely.

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April Kerr owns website Euro Fronts which is all about kitchen design ideas such as kitchen design programs and kitchen storage ideas.

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