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Construction Project Management Courses

By:Joann Cheong

An industry that continues to grow and shows only a little sign of slowing, the construction industry competitive world are in need of construction professionals who are equipped with skills and the know-how to effectively carry out the assigned job. So, if you are planning to choose a career in the field of construction management, might as well take up a program that will help you excel, like the construction project management courses offered in some of the schools. The construction project management courses provide construction professionals practical knowledge and expertise, which are exactly necessary to do your job.

The innovative and timely series of Construction Project Management courses are designed to develop the knowledge base of those working as project managers and project personnel, and to those who show interests to enter the field of construction management, whether for the principal or for service providers like consultants or contractors. The course focuses on basic principles across the breadth of the project management body of knowledge, and covers the key concepts in managing a project right from the start to final close-out.

The topics may include, but not limited to construction accounting, acquisitions, developments, estimation, plan reading, field project management, real estate law, bidding, scheduling, and construction safety. To obtain certificate of completion, students must successfully complete eight intensive courses. However, if you do not plan to pursue a certificate, you may possibly take individual classes. Additionally, all construction project management courses provide Continuing Education Units or CEUs.

The Core Courses of Construction Project Management Program may include but not limited to:

Construction Accounting this course reviews accounting theory, providing an understanding of the terminology of accounting. Payroll accounting focuses on workers compensation insurance, cost allocation and control. There is also other subjects that include types of businesses and organizations, lien law, construction cost control, progress payments and sub-contractor invoices, back charges, cash flow and cost of sales.

This Financing Real Estate Acquisitions course focuses on the nature of development projects, sources of funds, mortgages, payment and construction loan processing, and administration for both portfolio and for the sale projects.

The Estimation course provides cost estimating with emphasis on quantity survey and pricing. This Plan Reading course provides a survey of the fundamentals of Construction Math and plan reading. The Field Project management is one of the construction project management courses, which helps you become a successful project manager by learning the basic principles and responsibilities of construction process. You will also learn how to identify and manage the important components of project planning, budgeting and scheduling, resource allocation, legal requirements and ethical considerations, construction safety, and project supervision.

Real Estate Law (Law for Construction)this law provides an overview of the legal system such as contractor license law, contract laws, real estate law, mechanic liens, as well as basic contract principles and responsibilities.

Bidding and Scheduling this is one of the important construction project management courses that will touch on the different bidding strategies used in the construction industry, methods of selling or buying out the construction project. You will be able to learn to read, analyze and create your own bar chart and critical path method schedules. Additionally, you will learn to monitor time, money and other resources with the schedule. At the same time, learn to use the schedule to measure the effect of changes and delays on the project.

Construction Safety this course provides overview of safety procedures, regulations and their application, included also is a series of lectures supported by printed materials provided by an industry working safety specialist.

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