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Afghan Rugs & Throw Rugs Add an Extra Touch

By:Chris Jensen

If you wish to create distinction between different parts of your home, a afghan rug can help define a particular space. Beneath your dining table and chairs is a good solution to help make the dining space stand out from the living space. In fact, you may want to utilize multiple rugs. Use a second one to anchor a seating group in the living area. You will still have great flow, but you'll also have visual separation.

Afghan rugs were first made in Afghanistan, hence how they got their name, and there are some of these rugs with many holes in them. One common point among all Afghan rugs is that they are made of yarn and are stitched by hand.

The most common pattern in Afghan rugs is an octagonal shape with patterns and colors around it. These colors are added to the rug by dyes and also some are made by the use of yarn that has been made with color. These Afghan rugs are very popular among American households.

These rugs serve a dual purpose as blankets and also rugs. Some people have used these Afghan rugs that are formed as blankets but they are very uncomfortable and scratchy on the skin so many people choose to use them as rugs only. Throw rugs though are a bit different and come in all different shapes and colors.

Throw rugs are made out of almost any material. Some are made with wool and others made with fur. There are also throw rugs that are made out of plastic. These are the types of rugs that you find common in an American household. People put them down in bathrooms and also in bedrooms.

These rugs also can be put right in front of a door to keep shoes and carpet from touching. Some throw rugs are put down right on the carpet while many choose to put them on tile floor to keep the heat in your feet while you walk across it barefoot. This is how the throw rug gets its name. You throw them onto any surface and they serve a purpose.

The other reason behind the name is because when they were first made, they used a material that decayed and then they were thrown away. So whether you put them on the floor or throw at a family member that upsets you, these throw rugs will work anywhere and serve any purpose.

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