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Earn Money From A Premium Rate Number - An Easy Way To Become Rich

By:Peter Finch

This article will explain how you can make money by using premium rate number services. The article gives tips on how to promote your services fast and start generating revenues quickly. These services have been used by service operators to offer specialized PR services to consumers and generate revenues.

In the United Kingdom there are many service providers who offer PRN services and charge per minute for the services used. The service operators can charge UKP1.50 per minute for the services used.

Now let us try to understand how we can earn money from Premium Rate Number services. You need to decide on the kind of service that you want to offer to your customers. It can be anything from horoscopes to horse racing tips and from joke lines to adult recorded stories. The other services that can be offered to customers include technical support for hardware and software, virtual chat lines and many more.

It is important that you verify the contents of your services before offering , otherwise there is a chance that ICSTIS may initiate an investigation against you, if they feel your content violates any of the regulations that governs PR services.

Now the next question that we may have is what is the earning potential from PR services. The earning potential is substantial. You can earn UKP120 per day if you offer quality services. If you have a recorded story line which pays you UKP0.85 per day with an average holding time of 6.5 minutes you can make UKP5.50 per call.

On an average if the service gets 30 calls per day the earning potential stands at UKP165.75. Annually the earning potential stands at UKP60,000. This is by no means a small amount considering the time and effort that needs to be given to the business.

You can also make money from PR SMS service. The earning potential is even more in SMS services because once customer asks for a service, messages can be sent at intervals until there is a stop message received from the customer. If the services are charged at UKP0.60 per message and 6 messages are sent out to one customer then the earning potential stands at UKP3.60 per day per customer.

If you have a subscriber base of 30 customers the revenue generated can be UKP108 per day. Annually the revenue works out to approximately UKP39,000. This may look less in comparison with the Premium Rate Call service statistics mentioned above but the popularity of messaging services can generate more revenues than call services.

You need to advertise your services effectively to build a successful PRN business and print media has been the proven medium. The advertisements are costly but do give more return on the investments made. Websites are also proving to be an effective medium to advertise services.

They are cost effective and if you advertise your services in a high traffic website, chances are that you can make your services popular in a short time. A thorough market research is mandatory before you start your busines. Otherwise it can die quickly like many others that have perished.

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