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Using a Sump For Waterproofing Your Basement

By:April Kerr

Waterproofing your basement isn't just an option if you can spare the time and money. It is essential if you want to ensure that your home keeps free from damp. Damp can often be a major problem caused by basements because of their underground location. There are some basic steps you need to take such as making sure any appliances such as a washing machine are connected properly and that your water pipes aren't leaking. In addition to this you should look at basement waterproofing systems such as pump pumps and dehumidifiers.

You can either decide if you want to carry out any work yourself or have a specialist company in to do it for you. Your decision will really be based upon your skill levels and how much money you have to spend. Doing it yourself will save money but not necessarily time and also you might find that you haven't completed the job properly. If you don't carry out all the necessary steps in waterproofing then you could very well end up having to re-do everything.

If you decide to go the route of having a contractor then make sure they know what they are doing. If you get a local plumber in they might be able to do a good job however if they have never waterproofed a basement then they might not do a good enough job.

It's never easy finding a contractor you can feel is trustworthy as there are so many cowboys at work charging large sums of money only to deliver poor quality work. They'll also use cheap and inferior materials so that they can make an extra buck out of you. You have to be very wary about such companies and looking to see how long they have been in business will help a lot. If they go bust after you discover that the job hasn't been completed to perfection then it will be impossible to get them back and re-do the work.

If you have a contractor in, ask them what materials they are going to use and see if you can find a shop to compare the prices with. Plastic sumps for instance are no where near as good quality as cast iron sumps so obviously should be avoided. Be wary of any company who is trying to get you to accept inferior products.

When choosing a sump for your basement you might also want to select one which has a battery which is used when the electricity has to be turned or if there is a power cut. This will simply ensure that your basement stay free of water for as long as possible.

So if you want to ensure that you basement stays as free from water as possible, having a look at all the different ways to do this is well worth it. Having a sump pump is just one method so make sure you read up about all the different methods you can.

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Article keywords: basement, pump, sump, waterproofing, contractor, plumber

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April Kerr often writes for website Finer Living which covers many topics relating to home improvement including basement waterproofing systems and replacement basement windows.

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