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Three Cardinal Principles for Marketing Success

By:George S Petley

Those who start a home based business , whether it be a unique network marketing program or some more traditional business ,are often overwhelmed with the pick and shovel work involved in getting started .

Consequently, they tend to get bogged down in the routine of daily chores , lose sight of their goals and become discouraged with the slow results that come from the necessities of getting started. Such things as cold calling on those who are unknown and relying on purchased leads , neither of which produce attractive results quickly ,and therefore become old
very fast.

In order to accelerate their progress and minimize this slow period new owners need to adhere to the three cardinal principles that can become the bedrock upon which their success will be based .

The first of these principles is staying focused on the fundamentals . Realizing that such things as all beginnings are difficult and that Rome was not built in a day is important . Too many times new owners, expect to be making money quickly , within the first 30 days and while that is true in some instances , it does not hold up for most new ventures. Another fundamental is the wisdom of a sound business plan and a third fundamental is the necessary , unrelentless striving to meet reasonably set goals .

The second principle is taking advantage of the advances with modern technology , especially the internet . This understanding can greatly advance ones progress. It has been said that there are only two kinds of businesses , those that use the internet and those who will use it . To fail to grasp this significant development is to miss the train as it pulls out of the station .

The third principle is the crucial one. It is the need to develop a marketing plan that encompasses the latest technological advances . It is this principle that enables the enlightened marketer to turn the
corner ! Here is where most business owners really miss the boat .

This can best be illustrated by the rapid spread of network marketing companies, mlm , over the last two decades . Yet their success has been thwarted by a very high attrition rate of 95% to 97% for those who try to build a successful mlm business . Most of these companies insist on implementing the old fashioned marketing concepts that require their new recruits to chase after every living person that breathes in order to grow their new businesses.

The results show only a 1% to 3% closing rate by following this method . This very high failure rate can be anticipated since not everyone that breathes has the skills required to develop their own business nor do they have the desire to develop them . Following this approach is similar to forcing a square peg in a round hole . Most breathing folks are satisfied where they are . This truth impacts the anticipated growth negatively and accounts for their mostly very poor results .

By contrast , those alert recruits who reject the old fashioned methods and take advantage of the significant technological advances , such things as learning how to use keywords effectively in order to attract the search engines to their sites or blogs , publishing articles in ezines, capturing names on their landing pages , setting up a blog , setting up autoresponders effectively .

In other words , by adopting non traditional marketing methods that require them to learn the technique of bringing interested prospects to them from their target market, amazing results are created for all to see .

The key is this : When interested prospects want to know about what you have to offer and come to you to find out , the record shows that the closing ratios jump to the 65 % to 90 % range , which translates into recruiting from 15 to 20 new recruits a month , instead of the typical 2 to 3 ! Quite a dramatic difference worth pondering , would not you agree ?

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