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Functionality of Double vs. Farmhouse Style Sinks

By:Steven Beckerman

Most homeowners choose to have double sinks in their kitchen largely because this is what is comonly seen in most homes across the United States. There are however, many reasons why it would be good to look at the function of each prior to making this decision.

A double sink is useful in that it can eliminate the need for a dishpan. You can use one side for wash and one for rinse, one side for rinsing produce and the other for preparing it to cook or eat. Double sinks often come in handy as a place to soak clothes in pre-wash solution, or even for hand washing. The biggest value in having a double sink is the availability of a second sink when one side is in use. If a homeowner is planning to install a garbage disposer, a double sink allows for there to be a separate sink for it to be installed in. The biggest drawback in the choice of a double sink is the complexity of the plumbing underneath the sink. The necessary plumbing takes up more space and thus decreases the space available for storing items under the sink. Another drawback inherent in double sinks is that in the event of a clog, you must block off one side in order to plunge the other, you cannot attain suction if there is an open drain in one sink. Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a double sink is that it divides your available sink space, thus leaving you less area in each sink.

A farmhouse style sink is a great choice for homeowners to install in their homes. It can be used for many things that a double sink cannot simply by virtue of it's size. The larger bowl allows for large pots to be washed and rinsed, large quantities of produce to be washed or soaked, or even small children or dogs to be bathed. The plumbing required for a farmhouse style sink is much more straightforward needing only to connect one bowl to the drain system. The depth of a farmhouse style sink is a wonderul thing allowing for great versatility. The need for two separate areas to use can be easily addressed with the use of a dishpan.

One drawback found in the choice of a farmhouse style sink is that the added depth may decrease the storage space beneath the sink.

Many homeowners may feel that in modern times we have moved past the need or desire to have a single large sink such as a farmhouse sink provides. It may be perceived as older style, however, as the old saying goes, everything old is new again. The use of a farmhouse style sink is a fine choice for modern homeowners to choose when looking for different design ideas besides the usual double sink.

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