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When Making Party Food For Boys - Make Lots of It

By:Dee Power

When it comes to party food, most boys aren't hard to please. They are usually more than eager to eat whatever is presented to them. Keep in mind, though, if your party guests will be younger boys they may be a bit pickier. They will also eat more than you think, as boys often turn eating into a competition. Have extras, like frozen mini egg rolls, pizzas, or chicken nuggets in the freezer for backup.

As a rule, boys love messy party foods. Pizza is always a good choice, for party goers of any age. You can make it yourself, purchase it ready-made or have it delivered for the event. The boys will, no doubt, appreciate the addition of double cheese... it will make things gooier.

Sloppy Joes are a good choice, when it comes to feeding hungry boys. They are fairly inexpensive to make and can be kept warm in a crock pot, until it's time to eat. A very simple recipe is to brown one pound of ground hamburger with one pound of ground turkey. Add a cup of chopped onions. If you want the "Joes" to be extra healthy add a cup of finely chopped carrots and a cup of finely chopped celery. The veggies disappear into the sauce so the boys won't even know they're there. Saute on medium heat until the veggies are soft. Add a cup of ketchup and two cups of tomato sauce with 1/2 cup of brown sugar. Simmer on low heat for about 15 minutes. Serve them with chili cheese fries, for a meal they will rave about.

Hotdogs will please almost any youthful appetite, especially if they are stuffed with cheese and baked in crescent roll dough. Provide a variety of dipping sauces such as cheese, barbeque sauce and honey mustard. Use squirt bottles for easy serving but beware the boys will be tempted to squirt each other as well as their hotdogs.

Grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken nuggets are an option. Jazz up the sandwiches with different kinds of cheeses and serve three or four choices of sauce, for the chicken.

One word of caution, many children have food allergies and must stay away from things like nuts, dairy products, strawberries and eggs. Before planning your party menu, it is recommended that you contact the parents, of all potential guests, to make sure there will not be problems. Older kids know what they shouldn't eat but younger kids don't.

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