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Water Damage And Its Causes

By:Aydan Corkern

You can get water damage from your sinks, tubs, leaking pipes and your water heater. If they overflow or if there is a small or a big leak, it can cause a really big mess and it can rot your floors. It will stain your walls and ruin your carpets if it's really bad. The water can leave a musty smell behind that you and other people can smell when you walk into your home.

When your sink overflows, it can rot the counter around it and the walls that it comes in contact with. It can cause mold and damage the boards in the wall and make them very weak. It can also overflow if you have a septic tank, and it can get backed up, causing a clogged pipe. If the water does not go down it will keep on rising, and then it will get on the floor. If you don't get it cleaned up before it sets in, it will rot your floors and cause mold there, too. If it gets too bad, your doors can fall off and the screws can come right out of the wood. Did you know that it can bend your counters due to wood that has been rotted because it has been there too long?

Your bathtub can overflow due to it having too much water when you get in it. The floor around it can rot and so will the wall around the top of it if you don't have a good seal from the tub to the walls. It will get inside it, and you will have a huge problem on your hands due to the water that got in. It can also happen with your toilet when it gets backed up or from a little kid's toy. You will see the floor get dark around the bottom of it or the floor pieces folding up. You can even tell when your floor is cracking when it has sustained water damage.

If you have a leaky pipe it can get into your carpet when it is in the bathroom or in your kitchen. I know because I had a leak in my bedroom from the wall that had the pipes to the bathtub. It got all over one side of my room. The carpet was so soaked in water that you could see it when you walked on it. I didn't even know that there was a leak until my father heard the spraying noise coming from my room. I spent hours getting it all out of my carpet so it would not damage my floor or cause mold. It was so hot that it could have done some really bad damage if I didn't get it out in time. Leaky pipes can also come from the bottom of your house, your trailer, or your water heater. It can do some pretty good damage to the floor or your basement. If you don't have a basement it will ruin the ground underneath it, and it can soak in your foundation and crack it to where your house will lean.

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