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Ten Secrets of the Mega Wealthy

By:Deborah Bishop-Shotland

Mega Wealth, what does that mean? Is it Millions, Billions or possibly trillions of dollars? Is a mega wealth person Bill Gates or Donald Trump? Does the idea of mega wealth, multiple millions, billions and trillions make you wonder how they do it? Well, I'm hoping you're wondering because you want some, so lets see if we can answer the question and reveal the secrets of the mega wealthy.

First things first, mega wealthy folks know how they are, they know where they are going and they show up. They did not necessarily come from money - some may have, but many mega wealthy individuals are self made - and they did not necessarily have any extra advantages. So why them? The very first thing a mega wealthy person has mastered is how to think like a mega wealth person long before their bank accounts or business ventures ever reflected it. They became wealthy and successful in their minds and they made every decision and every plan with that belief intact and if things didn't work out, they just kept going. You may be surprised to learn many of the wealthiest self made success stories have at least one bankruptcy in their past among other things that could be seen as "failure" and as good a reason as any to stop what they were doing. Edison "failed" ten thousand times when inventing the light bulb, reasonable well meaning folks thought he was crazy however we all know how that turned out.

So, mindset, belief and becoming successful and wealthy in your mind are the first steps.

Next key to mega wealth is vision. Having a dream, and allowing that dream to grow and evolve. Going after that dream with no idea of how to get there but doing it anyway. Becoming a person of action and vision. Using that vision to set goals and intentions that enroll others along the way to making your vision come true. Mega wealthy folks have seen many or their dreams come true and they know the secret is to dream big and take action, always acting from the end, knowing they have already succeeded before they have even started.

How many times as children are we told now to dream, to get our heads out of the clouds and get real? Turns out that we can get the last laugh here if we are willing to reprogram our thoughts and dream as big as we dare.

The next secret is getting passionate, that is the emotional connection to our dreams, the more passionate and excited we are the more our dream, our vision, becomes a magnet to all it requires to make it a reality.

Ask any mega wealthy person what they do daily and I'll lay odds that they will let you know that a portion of their day is dedicated to their own personal growth. The fourth secret is feeding your head with positive information, picking and choosing what you focus on and what information you will allow to infiltrate your brain every day. (Try unplugging from the media for a while and see how clear your thinking gets!)

Meditation, silencing the mind and clearing the head in order to bring the mind to crystal focus is another key to achieving mega wealth. Daily meditation spent letting go of the mental clutter.

Visualization, using your dreams, your vision and fueling it to an actual visualized scene of everything unfolding like it is happening. Every part of the picture, including who is there, what they are saying, what time of day and what clothes you are wearing. We already know vision is part of the program, now we are plugging in and making our movie about our future and get passionate... Have fun!

We touched on goals, now we are going to specify, setting goals is setting your mark along the path, it is key and the sixth secret to mega wealth. Setting goals and going for it, even if you don't have a clue how you're going to get there!

Tapping into opportunity, being in the right place at the right time and recognizing it, is all part of success of mega wealthy people, they tap into success, they see possibility and they go for it. Oh, I guess I ought to point out one factor here that I assume you already know, but just in case... Every self made mega wealthy person is an entrepreneur; they started with an entrepreneurs heart and moved forward from there.

The seventh secret is hanging with like minded people. Masterminding with other who have been there and done that, sitting down and talking about being a self made mega wealthy person with other self made mega wealthy people. It matters who you hang out with, it matters who you consider your mentors and alliances. If you "team" is stuck exactly where you are than you are probably going to stay right where you are. Seek out those who have already walked the path. Read their bios and follow their careers, ask yourself, what would __________ do in this situation ? And follow their advice!

Number eight is following through. It takes persistency and consistency, is takes showing up, even when it feels like life is sending adversity your way, just smile and keep on. Hold your vision and practice your personal growth, stand steadfast and understand you will get there. This is the part where most people give up, and this is the past that the mega wealthy know makes the difference between mega results and mega nothing!

The ultimate goal with mega wealth is passive or otherwise known as residual income. Real estate investments that are income properties, land development, high yield - high risk - investments and money management, setting in motion a business that builds upon itself and continues to pay you handsomely even when you are doing less and less work! Passive, massive income coming in and multiple streams of income is the ninth secret of the mega wealthy. It's important to realize that diversification comes after initial success and not before.

The tenth and final secret of the mega wealthy - yes there are many more - may surprise you. It's important to HAVE FUN! Love what you are doing, enjoy it, reward yourself, and pretend to be the wealthiest person in the world just like a kid would pretend and be big and silly and engage all of your senses. Go test drive your ultimate car, and than every time you drive your car envision yourself in your ultimate ride, revving the engines and enjoying it's high performance. Dream shop, hunt for million dollar real estate, dream, dream and dream and once again, HAVE FUN! This is so important to the equation and perhaps one of the more challenging steps as we are so previously conditioned not to have fun when we are making a living.

Making a living is not the same as making a life!

The promise of mega wealth when combined with the right opportunity and a like minded community is that it is available for everyone. They make million dollar homes for you, they make high performance and luxury cars for you, they make first class travel for you, (What's the alternative to what I'm saying; they only make these things for other people?) All it takes is plugging in and practicing the ten secrets.

Want more? Then start taking becoming the person and taking the action that will take you to the world of mega wealth!

Where did I learn this stuff? Well, by practicing what I preach and being clued in enough to recognize one of the key ingredients and top ten secrets when it landed in my path. The best way to become mega wealthy is to join a company that is mega wealthy and teaching others how to do it! I am part of a community that not only celebrates mega wealth as a real and tangible thing but shows others how to be a mega wealth person. Does what I’ve written about here work? Absolutely. Opportunity aligned with every secret revealed in this article will, produce rewards every time.

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Article Source:

Deborah Bishop Shotland is a very successful Entrepreneur, Life and Success Coach and Trainer. She is also an award winning singer, songwriter and performing artist, a published author and a person dedicated to enlightening others on the path to wealth and success. Deborah has a personal goal of assisting a minimum of one hundred people - who are ready to action - into becoming one hundred multi millionaires. It is her belief that the truth path to peace is to have complete abundance.

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