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The Man Who Makes $1 Million in Affiliate Commissions

By:David Kamau

His success is phenomenal. Well, not many can claim to make $1 Million a year in affiliate marketing. And at only 27 years of age!

His name is Jeremy Palmer. Until recently, he was virtually unknown in the marketing circles, simply because he preferred to make his money silently.

Now this Jeremy guy has written an ebook about his affiliate marketing techniques. Having bought dozens of affiliate marketing ebooks, most of them duds, I was hesitant to buy this one. After all, what could this guy possibly write about that was not already covered by dozens others?

But curiosity, a huge discount and a recommendation from another highly respected affiliate marketer made me want to check it out. Still, I determined that I would ask for a refund as soon as I found out this was just one of the numerous duds.

The writer, Jeremy Palmer, is 2005 Commission Junction Horizon Award winner for performance. He is also a Yahoo™ Search Marketing Ambassador. In short, he is the real deal. What about his book?

Jeremy starts you from the basics, slowly building you up to advanced techniques. Experienced affiliates can skip most of the beginning section.

What sets this book apart from all the others is the way Jeremy breaks down the techniques, while adding subtle but highly effective tweaks, twists and tricks.

For example, he takes you through what he calls the keyword buying cycle. This is a simple but brilliant technique for finding converting keywords while minimizing wasteful (and therefore costly) clicks. This piece of information by itself is invaluable.

Next, Jeremy also teaches you how to how to easily and quickly set up a website, even if HTML is an alien word to you. Better still, he shows where to find free and low-cost resources. He goes farther, and tells you the types of websites best suited for certain types of businesses and niches.

Another important thing he covers is how to use the two leading Pay Per Click search engines, Yahoo Search (formerly Overture) and Google Adwords for fast (and profitable) results.

One thing I wish he would have explained more is how he is able to turn low-search keywords into some of his most profitable campaigns as he claims. Other than that, everything else is well elaborated, with examples.

Jeremy shows you how to do keyword research using free resources. No additional expensive software necessary.

Product research is also covered, extensively. He shows you how to find hot products and services to promote, how to measure demand and check out the competition or find low-competition niches. As with everything else in the book, his techniques are original and innovative.

And, his book is not littered with affiliate links, as is common practice with most ebooks. Actually, most of his techniques use free resources.

One big challenge in affiliate marketing is how to build killer landing pages. This is where most of us loose potential buyers. Jeremy shows you a very simple technique of building winning landing pages on the fly.

Besides giving examples all way, the author he also tells you some interesting personal experiences throughout. Everything is well illustrated with images. The language is simple and easy to understand.

As with most (if not all) super affiliates, Jeremy appears in favor of Pay Per Click search engine method of driving traffic. This is understandable, as it's so far the quickest and most effective marketing method available. But other marketing methods are covered in detail as well.

Overall: No matter your level of experience in affiliate marketing (or associate marketing), beginner or advanced, this ebook is a must have. It is 140 pages of useful information. I didn't point out many weaknesses in the book, because I did not find them.

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Article Source:

David Kamau is webmaster of Find out more about Jeremy Palmer's ebook at

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