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Three First Steps In Overcoming Agoraphobia

By:Tims Sentinel

Before confronting agoraphobia, you need to understand how agoraphobia affects you. Text-book descriptions of agoraphobia are very general. There is need to understand that agoraphobia affects different people in different ways. How does it affect you? What symptoms do you have? Once you fully understand your agoraphobic situation, you can now look for ways for overcoming agoraphobia. Many times, people have been disappointed after spending thousands of dollars on agoraphobia treatments that did not benefit them. The fact that an anti-anxiety drug benefitted someone, does not necessarily mean that it will benefit you too.

There are a whole lot of agoraphobia treatments on and off the internet. Don't just take anything that comes your way. You need to read and ensure you understand what is being offered. In order to gain more information about agoraphobia, join support groups for people with agoraphobia. For example, there are a whole range of drugs used for agoraphobia. You need to understand them. Go to your psychiatrist and get professional help if you decide to use drugs.

You also need to think about the efficacy of the agoraphobia treatments you are using. For example, people rush to use drugs but some drugs are short-acting. All drugs result in different side-effects for different people. Not all all of them are helpful. You need to screen what's available. If you are looking for a doctor or psychiatrist or psychologist, try to check with members of your support group or forum and only use those practitioners with a good reputation.

Also think about the cost. Why pay thousands of dollars if you can get something that is similarly effective for a cost that is next to nothing. Many services provided by doctors and psychologists are expensive. If you don't have any form of medical aid, they may cost thousands of dollars. On the other hand, on the internet you will find many cheap but effective self-help psychotherapies. Although medical practitioners would want you to believe otherwise, scholarly research has shown that many self-help therapies for anxiety provided online are at least as potent as therapies provided by psychologists. Don't get me wrong. Iam not saying, all self-help agoraphobia treatments on the internet are good. Before you buy them, you need to assess and understand them using some of the following criteria: cost, their benefits both as claimed and shown by testimonials, refund policies, guarantees, how they work, whether there is a support service if you have issues with the treatment etc.


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Tims Sentinel is a keen researcher in mental health issues who has been focusing on studying and implementing evidence based healthcare practices for the past 4 years.
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