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Best Elliptical Machine: 5 Must-Have Features When Shopping

By:Kathryn ONeill

So you're buying an elliptical machine? Elliptical machines give you a low impact, safe workout that burns a maximum amount of calories in the least amount of time.

But with all of the different elliptical brands out there, how do you choose the best one? Here are 5 key features to look for when shopping to help you find the very best elliptical machine.

1) Forward and Reverse motions

The ability to move in a forward or reverse motion adds variety and challenge to your workout. It works different sets of muscles and results in more calories burned overall.

This also reduces your risk of repetitive use injuries common with some treadmill and stair climber users. Most ellipticals have this option but it's always a good idea to make sure.

2) Adjustable resistance

Quality elliptical machines will have a range of resistance levels. Increasing the resistance increases the calories burned. It also helps you continue to challenge your body as your fitness level improves.

Look for an elliptical machine that makes resistance changes simple (i.e. one-touch resistance adjustment) so that interval training sessions can be easily incorporated into your workout

3) Upper body workout arms

While you really don't need these for an effective workout, many people prefer them. They do help to provide resistance training for your upper body - and again, result in more calories burned.

However make sure you don't have to lean over while using them which can diminish the effectiveness of your workout (this can happen on many of the cheaper elliptical models).

4) Quiet operation

Look for an elliptical machine that is specifically designed to stay quiet. A truly well designed elliptical machine should be fairly quiet at all intensity levels.

Also - cheaper ellipticals can develop a squeak after a few months of heavy use so be careful to buy a quality brand of elliptical machine and steer clear of the cheap department store models.

5) Elliptical Incline

It used to be that only high end, commercial elliptical trainers like Precor offered this option however lately more affordable models like Proform and Nordic Track are offering incline on several of their machines.

Incline is not the same as resistance. It changes the incline of the elliptical motion and helps to work different sets of muscles for increased fat burning and toning.

So those are 5 key features that make up a quality elliptical machine. By looking for most of these 5 key features, you'll be assured of finding the very best elliptical machine for your needs.

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Kathryn O'Neill is the chief editor for Elliptical Trainer Reviews, a consumer oriented website focusing on the home elliptical trainer market.

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