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Disadvantages of Cold Calling

By:Daegan Smith

There are good ways and there are bad ways to market a product or service. One of the marketing ways that always gets flak is the technique called cold calling. Also called blind calling, cold calling is a technique where a marketer calls up or contacts who is a random person who might want to buy the product or service that the marketer is selling. Cold calling is the same as blind guessing who your next customer will be. Simply put, cold calling is calling a prospective customer even if he or she is not referred to by anyone.

Cold calling is a marketing technique that has received various scrutinies from both marketers and customers alike. Most marketing organizations and experts are even questioning the efficacy of cold calling. It doesnít help that this marketing is often used by dishonest marketers.

Of course cold calling also has its advantages. This marketing method has also been used by real honest to goodness marketers. Cold calling can also result in good customer marketer relationship. For one, cold calling allows marketers to tap into a potentially unsaturated market. Cold calling also allows marketers to create a new network of referrals, especially if theirs is running dry.

Of course, cold calling is still a good way to widen your client network. But the intrinsic dangers are not very appealing to many companies. A good advice is to take a look at the other marketing strategies that are in existence before even considering cold calling as an option.

The problem is, the disadvantages of old calling totally outweigh the advantages. And most experts believe that cold calling is now out of fashion mainly because it has been employed by so many an unscrupulous marketer.

Below are just some of the disadvantages of cold calling

Cold calling irritates customers

Many customers are irritated by cold calling mainly because many cold callers conduct their business at night when most of these customers are already resting. Of course this puts the clients in a very inconvenient position. They would rather rest at this time than take a call from a stranger. Dragging a person out of bed in their pajamas is not a good way to get customers.

Many of the clients produced by this method of cold calling agreed to take the offers of the marketers because they were coerced to do so. The philosophy of cold callers is to continuously badger a caller while he or she is still on the line. And these marketers are persistent. They would never stop unless the person on the other line say yes. This is not the kind of marketing that gains mutual trust and respect.

Cold calling is unfocused marketing

The random calling made by telemarketers doing cold calling constitutes unfocused marketing. Marketers using cold calling techniques often end up using resources on people who are not really going to buy their products. The energies of this telemarketer would be better off being use to referrals or people inn a structured mailing list. Marketing technique that relies on pure luck like cold calling is simply unscientific, inefficient and unreliable. It would be much better if you focus your energies on better prospects.

Cold calling can result to loss of trust

Using a technique such as cold calling can have a negative effect the image of your business since it already has a bad reputation. You will have to use reputable and respectable methods of marketing if you want your business to be respected and trusted by customers. Remember that in any business, trust of customers is very important. Without the customersí trust, then your business is in terrible danger. Remember that what is important is to create long term trust and confidence among your customers and not merely getting their money.

Cold calling is against the law

You might not be aware of it but there is actually a law against cold calling. These laws are made to protect customers from the inconvenience brought about by cold callers. According to the law, cold caller can only make calls during working hours. The law prohibits them from calling beyond 8 pm. Victims can submit complaints to authorities if the received calls from cold caller beyond the said time or if the cold caller become abusive or disrespectful. The people you call may take offense at this and report your company to the authorities. Now the last thing a business would want is to get tangled with the law.

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