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Sisters are Today Doing Plumbing by Themselves!

By:India Cooper

The London Stock Exchange is run by a woman and the US may well vote for their first lady President this year. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that an increasing number of women are training to be plumbers and sorting out bathrooms, kitchens, toilets and heating systems around the country.

Many say they have taken up the profession to offer other women an alternative to getting in a male plumber. With more and more women living on their own or as single parents, some are daunted by letting a man with a bag of tools into the house to sort out leaks or fit a new shower. Female plumbers feel they can offer added value in the form of peace of mind. Women can be intimidated about asking questions or appearing clueless about what is being done to their own home. They may feel that another woman is more approachable and won't patronise them.

So what's in it for the female plumbers? Once qualified, if a plumber sets up on her own she can decide what hours to work. So if family is an issue, hours can be planned around school pick ups and drop offs, weekends and school holidays. Plumbers are well paid so when training is complete, the returns can be very good, providing a healthy income.

Plumbing is a physical job which for many is a welcome alternative to office work. It is also stimulating - no two days are the same. And it can be rewarding - what better feeling than solving annoying problems for people or completing a beautiful new bathroom.

But what about the camaraderie of an office based job? Well plumbers can have fun too! There is plenty of interaction with clients and other tradesmen. Electricians and tilers when working on a new kitchen or bathroom, builders when working on the renovation of a house. And for sole traders that's a good way to build up a network and get further work too. Its always good to be recommended.

Currently around 1% of plumbers in the UK are women, but the numbers are growing and there are support networks and groups specially dedicated to advising women on their plumbing careers. Women are joining the industry from all walks of life. Some are university educated and want to learn a practical skill, others leave school and get straight into training.

How are women treated by colleagues and clients? They are welcomed with open arms by many female and elderly householders who may feel intimidated by a beefy bloke turning up. Some may get the odd playful comment or joke about broken nails but they learn to shrug it off. As for fellow tradesmen, even male plumbers sometimes need a helping hand carrying a heavy bath or installing tricky piping, so sexist comments won't wash.

Of course there are plenty of friendly, helpful and very skilled male plumbers out there, but there is room for an alternative. This is especially true in a trade which has a severe shortage of qualified people. Large plumbing companies claim that more and more customers are asking for female plumbers to be sent along, so there is clearly a gap in the market that only women can fill!

The rise of the female plumber is a credit to those women who have made a bold career choice. The training is long, the job can be hard work and breaking new ground can be challenging. But the rewards are there to be enjoyed both financially and in terms of lifestyle and job satisfaction. Sisters really can do it for themselves.

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Expert plumber India Cooper reveals more and more woman are opting for a career as a plumber. To find out more please visit

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