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The Fly & The Window Of Opportunity

By:Rick Davies

Copyright 2006

One afternoon after going through a small backlog of emails, I was daydreaming about how it shouldn't be tough for absolutely anyone out there to make that first online sale and then to go on and make more and more sales. I feel bad for people that have paid money for some of the programs out there that promise to "stuff their wallets effortlessly" only to find that there is no free lunch. No autopilot riches.

As I was daydreaming, I was watching a fly banging it's head into the window trying to get out. That fly wanted to get out of the confines of the house and get outside to enjoy the early Ontario spring day. No matter how hard the fly tried, or how hard it banged into the window, that fly was trapped in the confines of our house.

The fly's desire to break free to a better world drove it to the glass. Little by little that fly was beating the life out of itself against my window. Futilely attempting to break out of the world it was confined to.

No matter how hard it tried, there was no way that the fly was going to break through the glass and obtain its dream.

After a while the fly stopped trying and just sat on the window. Was it content to just look at the freedom it could not achieve? Or was it stunned from the repeated beatings that it put itself through to try and break free?

Without guidance, the fly was doomed to failure from the get-go as it had selected a closed window and was pouring all of it's efforts into getting through that closed window even though we know it is impossible.

Here is the one small detail that will drive this point home. Less than 3 feet away was another window, except that one was open. That open window could lead that fly to its dream and its freedom. With just a bit of assistance and guidance, the fly was easily led to the open window and on to pursue it's goal.

Well, this same situation holds true to most people's dreams of finding success on the web, they are just like that fly. Constantly banging their heads into dead-end opportunities rather than flying free to building the opportunity that allows them to achieve the freedom they dream of.

But with a little bit of guidance and a helping-hand they can be led to open windows.

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Rick Davies & his brother and business partner Ron Davies own and operate a number of work at home opportunities including and their free online course, "The ClickBank Guru" that shows readers how to establish a solid and predictable income using ClickBank & 1stPromotion. Rick has been a full time work at home dad since 2003 after 25 years in the military and prides himself on the high level of customer service they offer all of their members and readers.

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