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Network Marketing: Pursuasion or Manipulation?

By:Jeff Flow

Persuasion and manipulation are the two roads of capturing prospects in a network marketing business. But there is a huge difference between them. The prospects you manipulate in your business are likely to leave your company very fast. On the contrary the prospects persuaded by you will accompany you in your endeavor ever lastingly.

Comprehension of dissimilarity between persuasion and manipulation is necessary if you desire to have recurring residual income and want to aid people. Most of the ads you watch on television are the manifestations of manipulation. You are manipulated by the exaggerated words of the ads and buy their products. But soon after you find out that the product is not worthy of your money or quality, you promise yourself never to purchase that stuff. This picture is not uncommon in our households.

Contemplate on your working system to lure the prospects – do you persuade them or do you follow the path of manipulation? Hoping that you want to become a long-term businessman in MLM business, not an ephemeral one, I am going to provide you with 4 strategies of manipulation. I expect that you will follow them intricately so that you don’t get manipulated or cease manipulating persons.

Four strategies utilized by a manipulator

• He is in perpetual search for a hungry prey.
• He sets deadline so that the victim lacks time to study and examine the product.
• He utilizes the fear of loss.
• He wears the mask of a philanthropist.

A typical manipulator uses generally the device of ‘the urgency to buy’. They deliberately create it to make the customer feel that time is running out. A network marketing manipulator follows quintessential direct marketing policies and gets his bank account inundated with money at the cost of their prospects’ hard earned money. Don’t expect any aid from a manipulator after your money has gone into his account. But the manipulator succeeds in making money only temporarily because residual income remains always elusive to him.

If you sponsor an affiliate which utilizes extreme measures of manipulating tactics, a fresh affiliate will be a little bit annoyed with you. The relationship will not blossom between you and your new affiliate which will restrict the growth of your business.

Persuasion is much more preferable to manipulation because of the simple reason that you want your prospects to remain with you as long as you are in MLM business. It may appear that the workings of a manipulator and a persuader are similar, that is only apparent. The outcome of persuasion is always positive; it creates a lasting relationship and satisfaction.

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